With Imex International Kft., a Game-Changing and Dynamic B2B Business Model is Possible

The Game Changing Business Model Provided by Imex International Kft. is Spreading to the Globe!

How Does Imex International Kft. Plan to Maintain Its Sectoral Broadening?

KELOWNA, British Columbia, March 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Collaborating with popular brands in the electronics sector, Imex International Kft., one of the most reliable distributors of high-tech products, is set to widen its market to the USA and Canada. Although it’s a new company established in 2019, Imex International Kft. drew attention with its rapid growth potential and risk-free business model. According to the statements of company CEO Martin William Edelberg Sorensen, Imex International takes the trading industry one step ahead as it has an innovative business model supported by AI technologies, which ultimately helped them to establish a creditworthy system and enlarge its foreign markets.

In addition, Mr. Sorensen added that the overall success was a conclusion of a well-managed system and certified credit scores alongside with the versatile product range. Being prominent in the B2B sector for the past few years, the company aims to dominate even more to respond to the ever-increasing public demand for electronic products by scaling up its profitable business model.

Sector Leader is Turning Crisis into Opportunity

2020 has been a turbulent year for the retail industry and caused many struggles for the companies such as supply chain disruptions, cash flow cut-offs, and lack of demand. While other newly established companies have been shutting down, Imex International started to set a great example for the sector with its annually rising turnovers. Following the latest innovations in the sector, the company managed to have great credit ratings which complied to the strictest conditions and attracted global attention.

It is approved by Dun & Bradstreet, a company offering comprehensive business data, that Imex International Kft. is one of the outstanding Hungarian enterprises thanks to its stable financial system, which makes it an investable company of choice. Based on his expertise of capital market and exchange regulations, attorney Kaan Ozcelik analyzed the given report and noted, “The higher your score, the more creditworthy you are, which means that you’re more likely to repay your debt and obligations on time. As a result, companies like Imex are more trustable and investable. Lenders will be willing to approve companies, which like Imex, applications and reward you with lower interest rates. Investors are not taking on a lot of risk by lending or investing to the companies.”

Corroborating this idea, the CEO, Mr. Sorensen, highlighted the significance of following consumer trends in order to expand branches and minimize market risks. He also emphasized that the rapid implementation of required changes on time has led them to become one of the most financially stable companies even during times of economic uncertainty. Which determined an efficient international expansion strategy and created additional sustainable income opportunities.

“Growth Speed Will Increase Even More Thanks to Smart Solutions”

As seen in the consumer electronics market report, the market was valued at 714,20 billion dollars in 2020 and faced rapid growth after the pandemic. It is expected to be valued at 970,82 billion dollars by 2028, with an average increase of 4,02% CAGR between 2021-2028. Examining the current data, company CEO Sorensen noted that offering recession-proof and future-oriented products are incredibly important in a thriving business such as electronics.

Sorensen elaborated the frame of Imex International’s business as follows: “Business-to-business e-commerce is a model that enables companies to expand their customer base by reaching remote areas. In the B2B sector, it is crucial to follow global trends and offer innovative products. In this regard, Imex has the advantages of working with many globally trusted partners and having an equipped team. Additionally, the company uses a smart algorithm to monitor sectoral product needs, stock data, and price changes closely. Therefore a sustainable and risk-free business plan emerges from this equation, where tailor-made prices and products that keep up with the times are offered. With this approach, Imex plans to be the biggest game changer in the sector by opening to the world market and encouraging more investors. The fact that it’s a low-risk venture makes potential lenders eagerly wait for its future steps and incorporate it into the newest projects.”

About Imex International Kft.: Imex International is a commercial distributor based in Hungary. Founded in 2019, it is specialized in providing high quality products from the most popular brands to position itself one of the leading partners in the B2B sector.

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With Imex International Kft., a Game-Changing and Dynamic B2B Business Model is Possible

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