Volta Power Systems Releases Standardized Power Solution for ePTO Needs and Generator-Ban Compliance

The 48V li-ion auxiliary power systems are compatible with any chassis including EVs needing ePTO or jobsite power.

Indianapolis, IN, March 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As states continue to roll out aggressive emissions regulations like the California SORE-ban, Volta Power Systems is offering a standardized platform for 48V auxiliary power that integrates with both traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) and EV chassis. Volta shared the announcement of its new 7,000W/240V inverter and Power Distribution Hub at the NTEA Work Truck Week show. Both of these innovations improve performance and reduce barriers to electrification for upfitters.

“We continuously hear from our customers that safety, cost, range anxiety and lack of infrastructure are chief concerns when considering electrification,” said Jack Johnson, cofounder and CTO at Volta. “We are bringing a solution that maximizes the lbs of CO2 you can cut with every dollar spent without compromising on safety or adding complexity.”

Volta’s system-based approach includes NMC li-ion energy storage packs scaling from 6.7kWh to 100+kWh, a secondary alternator for regeneration with ICE engines, and customizable distribution. The company's new 7000W/240V inverter is surge-rated to 15,000kW (10HP base / 20HP surge) and will enable upfitters to use industrial equipment options not previously accessible because of power limitation. 

The Power Distribution Hub simplifies distribution with an all-in-one unit that integrates either a 3200W or the new 7000W inverter-charger, custom DC conversion and optional MPPT solar controls. The unit reduces complexity and wiring for upfitters and standardizes service across different fleet vehicles.

“You can’t put a generator on an EV. You still need access to power for ePTO and jobsite tools, and tapping into a 600+ volt EV system to get it is not safe or practical for upfitters,” said Johnson. “We have a system that you can put on any chassis, whether ICE or EV, and it's easy to use and service across an entire fleet.”

Work truck OEs like Palfinger have been integrating Volta for nearly seven years as a solution not only for anti-idling and fuel savings, but also for enabling quiet third-shift work in residential areas. Conservative estimates based on an eight hour idle day for a bucket truck show a fuel savings alone of over $8,000 a year and about 42,000lbs of CO2 prevented per truck.

“Volta sees these new power solutions as a catalyst to help upfitters offer more powerful, higher efficiency solutions with a lower overall operating cost than any vehicle previously could offer,” said Johnson.

About Volta Power Systems

Founded in 2014, Volta Power Systems provides safe, powerful and simple lithium-ion energy storage solutions for small to midsize businesses. RV, marine and specialty vehicle OEMs trust Volta to deliver advanced, automotive-grade power systems that enhance the lifestyle, freedom and comfort of their end-users. For more information, visit https://voltapowersystems.com/.


Volta Scalable System Diagram Volta-Equipped Palfinger Truck in Holland, MI

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