Avansai Launches a New Platform to Revolutionize the IT Recruitment

Irrelevant Job Matches: A Thing of the Past with Data-Driven Candidate Profiles

MONTREAL, March 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Avansai, a technology-driven recruitment company, has just launched its new platform enabling software developers to create their profiles online. Using innovative data-driven methodology, this platform reduces a significant number of unnecessary messages that professionals currently receive for jobs that they are not interested in. This is the first milestone reached to revolutionize the IT recruitment industry. The platform is available at https://www.avansai.com.

Having experienced the issues of traditional IT recruiting themselves, the co-founders of Avansai have made it their mission to solve them by leveraging technology. IT professionals are tired of being approached by recruiters for positions that do not match their experience or ambitions. At the same time, employers are spending a lot of time and effort filtering through many unqualified candidates that are presented to them. 

"The launch of the new platform is an exciting time for Avansai," said Jason Levy, co-founder of Avansai. "We are proud to take this first step in our vision to reinvent the IT recruiting industry by focusing on quality rather than quantity of matches."

Designed for developers by developers, Avansai's platform is entirely based on structured data and allows moving away from traditional resume and keyword searches. This guarantees precise matches between candidates and open positions. The platform also takes into account the career aspirations of its users to match them to roles that will advance their careers.

Avansai is currently focused on acquiring new candidates on the platform to fill the positions of its current customers. Their ambition is to become a self-service portal where employers can quickly find the right candidates and fill their positions in a cost-effective manner.

About Avansai - Avansai is a technology-driven recruitment company based in Montreal, Canada. It is committed to providing a superior recruitment experience by leveraging technology and relationships to deliver quality over quantity of matches. Avansai's mission is to reinvent the way recruiting works, and it is developing innovative technologies to achieve this mission.

For more information, visit Avansai’s website at https://www.avansai.com.

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