Partnering with Veterans for a New Look at the Skies – MissionGO and Vets to Drones

BALTIMORE, March 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MissionGO, Inc. has a proud history of working with and employing veterans from all branches of the United States military and is honored to announce our latest partnership with Vets to Drones, a non-profit organization that prepares veterans to enter the commercial drone industry. Giving veterans another opportunity to serve communities around the country, MissionGO and Vets to Drones will be working together to define training, safety, and quality standards to prepare our service members for work in the uncrewed industry.

“Many of MissionGO’s team members share a service background, whether in the armed forces, police, first responders, etc.” says Chris Corgnati, President of MissionGO and retired Navy Captain. “MissionGO focuses on mission execution and safety every day – values shared by our service members. We look forward to building MissionGO’s uncrewed aviation business with another generation of veteran UAS pilots and support teams.”

"Vets to Drones is proud of our newest partnership with MissionGO. The veterans in our program are excited about UAS technology and ambitious for where this technology can lead them in the future. We have followed MissionGO's progress through the years and know this company is a mature workplace that cares for its employees, making it the perfect place for us to send our veteran students. We look forward to working together to provide an entry point for veterans new to the industry while also providing a place for veterans with years of operational UAS experience to put their military skills to use in the commercial sector,” says Chris Lewis, President & Founder of Vets to Drones.

Partnerships are critical in any industry, but especially in the uncrewed world. Working together is imperative to advance the reality of UAS in an integrated, safe, and sustainable airspace. Learn more about MissionGO’s strategic partnerships and reach out to us today to discuss how we might be able to collaborate!

About Vets to Drones

Vets To Drones is a non-profit organization that prepares veterans to enter the commercial drone industry through resources and training. It trains and assists veterans in finding employment to collect data using small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) as a global network of drone operators ready to deploy around the world.

About MissionGO

MissionGO is a leading provider of UAS solutions and services. Formed by the professionals responsible for the first successful human organ delivery used in a transplant surgery via UAS and currently servicing one of the largest UAS inspection contracts in the world, MissionGO is trailblazing the UAS industry innovating critical infrastructure inspections, medical and commercial cargo delivery, and UAS training and program stand-up. MissionGO is a portfolio company within JSP Ventures. Learn more at

Media Contact: Megan Crout