Bringing the Employee Experience to Life, RemoteBridge Introduces Virtual Onboarding

Immersive 3D Platform Increases Engagement, Learning and Connection Across Today’s Dispersed Workforce

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RemoteBridge, the immersive 3D platform helping HR and TA leaders build and connect remote teams, today announced the availability of its new virtual onboarding solution. Designed to improve employee engagement from day one, RemoteBridge Onboarding makes it possible to align the workforce around the organization’s mission, culture and values virtually.

According to Gallup, only 12 percent of U.S. employees believe their company does a good job of onboarding, and since the switch to virtual settings, that experience has degraded further. Recognizing the need for virtual solutions that support today’s dispersed workforce, RemoteBridge developed its customizable immersive 3D platform without downloads or goggles.

With RemoteBridge Onboarding, the process might involve a 90-minute event, bringing attendees together to meet and greet with one another and the organization. After the initial setup, attendees, in avatar form, might join a short orientation together before taking a baseline assessment and then moving on to a scavenger hunt. The latter part of the session might include presentations from subject matter experts, collaborative problem solving and a follow-up assessment, with a dance party on the beach to close out the experience. The solution can also be used for re-onboarding or “reboarding” existing employees.

According to one client, of those employees who participated in a recent reboarding program, 85 percent would have been more excited to be part of the team if their initial onboarding had been through RemoteBridge.

RemoteBridge CEO and co-founder Alex Sheshunoff shared, “Onboarding is an often neglected aspect of HR but remains a critical step in the employee journey, especially for remote employees. Yet, Zoom fatigue is real; people are multi-tasking, and cameras are off. Using immersive 3D, RemoteBridge Onboarding makes it possible to interact and connect without the pressure of video or the awkwardness of goggles. As one client told us, ‘If you don’t get onboarding right, you have disengaged employees who leave. Or disengaged employees who stay!’”

With RemoteBridge’s solution, HR and TA teams can customize the onboarding experience to deliver information in a way that reflects their organization’s brand and culture and reinforces the learning experience for everyone involved – whether it’s their first day or their eight-hundredth.

Onboarding is the newest feature from RemoteBridge, which also offers solutions for recruiting and team building. To schedule a demo, visit

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