Merchant Logo 11 Plus Mock Exams In Essex Release Series Of Mock Exams To Prepare Children For The 11-Plus Grammar School Entrance Exams

Chelmsford, United Kingdom, March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Merchant Logo 11 Plus Mock Exams offers a variety of educational packages in Essex to help parents find professional, high-quality tuition for their children.

With a carefully selected team of highly trained individuals paired alongside a tried and tested personalised private tuition structure, specialise in working with the more able student.

Merchant Logo 11 Plus Mock Exams has now released sign-ups for its series of 10 mock exams that cover both CSSE and FSCE (CCHS) formats and prepare children for the 11 plus grammar school entrance exams. The mock exams have been fully rewritten and are original versions of the CSSE and CCHS mock exam format.

Additionally, to ensure that children receive an original simulation of the exam, the mock papers will be completed in a proper exam room setting, and the papers have been written by Merchant Logo 11 Plus Mock Exams own educational experts who use the national curriculum and student recent papers to guarantee accuracy.

A spokesperson for the company said, “11 Plus worries? Exam nerves? 98% of those who sat our exams last year got above 303 points. Give your child the best chance with the 2023 exams and feedback.”

Merchant Logo 11 Plus Mock Exams utilises experienced teachers who will curate an individualised tutoring programme that assists your child in maximising their educational success.

An Award Winning 11 Plus Tuition Service

Merchant Logo 11 Plus Mock Exams understands how important it is that you choose the best for your child’s education and your money.

When you are considering the company’s award-winning 11 plus tuition service, a member of its team will discuss every requirement with you over the phone so that the company can perform a suitable one-to-one assessment of your child’s current educational position.

This will allow Merchant Logo 11 Plus Mock Exams to audit and analyse key focus areas in your child’s education and equip its tutors with the knowledge on the best way to maximise your child’s potential.

Unlike other educational providers, Merchant Logo 11 Plus Mock Exams will place your child at the forefront of its tuition services and will create an individual and personalised plan that considers each area and is rigorously tested in order to achieve the high standard your child requires for the Grammar School Test.

Exam Success

Merchant Logo 11 Plus Mock Exams offers an extensive range of tuition services for the 11 plus grammar school entrance exams, including one-to-one tuition, mock tests, a creative writing club and exam preparation workshops to coach and prepare your child for the final exam.

Additionally, the company also has extensive experience in tutoring for the various independent school entrance exams in Essex and SATS preparation.

Merchant logo 11 Plus Mock Exams in Essex’s team of expert tutors has researched the best methods to fully support your child’s learning requirements and uses their years of experience to efficiently tailor tutoring packages to ensure that your child is receiving the most beneficial coaching.

The company fully complies with the educational standards set within the Essex area, and all its teachers have been rigorously screened and DBS checked for your peace of mind.

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