Tango Brings Real Estate Strategy Expertise to Corporate Real Estate with the Release of Portfolio Strategy Solution

Tango Portfolio Strategy helps corporate real estate organizations analyze, model and plan real estate strategies to address shifting space needs and deliver superior employee experiences while protecting the bottom-line.

DALLAS, March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tango, the leading provider of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) and Store Lifecycle Management (SLM) solutions, today announced the launch of Tango Portfolio Strategy, a new solution that enables companies to rapidly explore strategic corporate real estate options, including assessing related impacts on space, employees and costs.

The workplace has fundamentally shifted and continues to evolve. As companies evaluate their workplace, a comprehensive understanding of their real estate portfolio – and the impact of changes – is critical. With Tango Portfolio Strategy, companies can easily access key workplace data in a single view to ensure their evolving real estate portfolio strategy supports their immediate and longer-term departmental, business unit and organizational requirements.

As a result of hybrid work and an ever-evolving workforce, corporate real estate strategy is being compressed into shorter lifecycles that require more agility. Over the last 15 years Tango has provided solutions that drive real estate strategy for some of the largest retail and restaurant companies in the world.

“With Tango Portfolio Strategy, we are bringing that expertise to corporate real estate to help companies adapt to a rapidly changing workplace while protecting the bottom-line,” said Pranav Tyagi, Tango’s President & CEO. “In today’s environment, CRE leaders need more sophisticated tools to formulate winning strategies, an area where Tango has excelled. We are excited to bring this new capability to the corporate real estate market.”

Tango Portfolio Strategy provides immediate portfolio analysis capabilities with minimal effort and data. Portfolio and lease information enables robust scenario planning and impact analysis.

With Tango Portfolio Strategy decision-makers will be able to:

  • Identify baseline KPIs and better understand seat and square foot requirements, including vacant, occupied, and thresholds for each building and floor.
  • Forecast occupancy costs, such as cost per occupied seat, square feet per occupied seat, vacancy, growth or contraction rates, and inflation.
  • Conduct what-if analysis by manipulating dedicated space vs. flex, hotel, and shiftwork while visualizing the difference between existing and proposed capacity and seats.
  • Evaluate an unlimited number of portfolio scenarios across floors, buildings and geographies, including lease renewals and options, divestitures, sublets, major or minor uplifts, and more.
  • Model the impact of different strategies on KPIs such as total occupancy costs, cost per occupied seat, rentable square feet per seat, and cost per rentable square feet, and more.
  • Visualize the future and see the impacts of various strategies and tactics over the next 5 years.

To learn more about Tango Portfolio Strategy, along with the rest of the Tango Suite, visit Tango’s website.

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