Diffblue Granted Three U.S. Patents for its Artificial Intelligence Engine that Automates Testing Software

Proprietary software is the world’s first fully autonomous generative AI code generator to cut in half time developers spend writing unit tests covering massively more code

OXFORD, United Kingdom, March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diffblue, creators of the world’s first fully autonomous generative AI-for-code software, today announced it has been granted three patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for new innovations in its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) application, Diffblue Cover.

“Diffblue pioneered using AI to generate software unit tests and today our technology is the only solution on the market that is fully autonomous, requiring no human review,” said Mathew Lodge, CEO of Diffblue. “We are proud to be granted these patents because they recognize our significant contributions in advancing AI which drives innovation for our customers and helps them better achieve their business goals.”

Diffblue Cover gives enterprises running Java a unique way to leverage the business value of unit testing by allowing them to:

  • Autonomously write and maintain unit test suites for entire applications up to 250X faster than humans;
  • Automatically refactor Java code to improve testability;
  • Slash the time and cost to run tests in CI (Continuous Integration);
  • Help development managers understand test coverage and any code risk across their organization.

The three granted U.S. patents apply to systems and methods for automotive test generation, initialization sequences and idiomatic source code generation.

Diffblue’s powerful unique AI engine automates writing critical software tests for some of the world’s largest companies. Developed while working closely with Goldman Sachs and AWS – it uses advanced generative AI algorithms to generate comprehensive tests for JAVA code (the world’s most popular programming language used by millions of developers and running on billions of devices worldwide) to ensure that code is always up-to-date and bug-free. Created by Oxford University AI professors, Diffblue cuts in half the time developers currently spend writing tests themselves. It also dramatically increases the amount of code covered by tests to identify bugs earlier.

Diffblue Cover
For more information on Diffblue Cover solutions and case study examples, please visit https://www.diffblue.com/products.

About Diffblue
Diffblue is the leading pioneer of software creation through the power of AI. Founded by researchers from the University of Oxford, Diffblue Cover uses AI for Code to solve the problem of effective unit testing. Capable of writing unit tests 250x faster than a human developer, Cover helps software teams improve code quality, expand test coverage and increase productivity, so they can ship software faster, more frequently, with fewer defects. Follow us on Twitter: @diffblueHQ

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