Cabeau Launches TNE S3: The Neck’s Evolution, an Ultra-Supportive Travel Neck Pillow from the Future

The new Cabeau neck pillow highlights the latest in travel comfort innovation

LOS ANGELES, March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cabeau, the leading consumer product travel and comfort brand, today launches the TNE S3: The Neck’s Evolution, a brand-new neck pillow that reimagines comfort on the go. The pillow achieves the brand’s most comfortable and secure fit yet, featuring a new globally patent pending chin-strap technology. The revolutionary design creates a fully-customizable fit to keep the spine in neutral alignment while worn, while preventing head drops and neck kinks.

Innovating upon its award-winning Evolution S3 pillow, Cabeau has developed a next generation product that solves all consumer pain points. Based on thousands of customer reviews, Cabeau set out to create an updated version of its popular travel pillow that has a slimmer profile in the back, includes support to prevent the head from dropping forward, is breathable and also affordable.

“Many months of testing and countless iterations were required to improve upon our extremely popular S3 neck pillow, but that would not deter us taking comfort and support to the next level,” said David Sternlight, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cabeau. “Identifying the perfect design and premium material for customized chin and neck support was challenging. It had to be flexible and soft on the neck area, provide stretch but also hold its shape, allow for breathability, be easy to tuck in when not in use and price conscious. It’s critical that the front of the neck area was left open for heat to escape, as so much freshly hot blood is pumping through this area oxygenating the brain. Every detail was considered when designing the new TNE S3 and we can’t wait for people to experience the future of comfort.”

In addition to design details, Cabeau also listened to consumer demand and sentiment when developing colorways for the new collection. The most loved colors were selected and named after popular global destinations including Sydney, Paris, Cairo and Vegas. The TNE S3 is made from the same premium, recyclable Grey DNA ™ as all Cabeau neck pillows that conforms to each individual. The cover is soft, machine washable and moisture-wicking to be easily cleaned and eliminate bacteria, dust-mites and odors. It includes a convenient travel case and a set of earplugs that stash in a hidden pocket.

As the newest addition to the Cabeau product line, the TNE S3 neck pillow brings innovation and intentional design to a stagnant category. It provides premium head, neck, and chin support that ensures no head droop, no drool and no snoring.

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Founded in 2010, Cabeau (pronounced kah-boh) arose from a 6’8” tall pro-basketball player’s passionate quest to find relief for the neck-straining, disruptive sleep he endured throughout his hectic travel schedule. David Sternlight tirelessly refined the ubiquitous U-shaped travel pillow to launch Cabeau’s technologically advanced and patented innovations that drove the company’s epochal success. Cabeau’s award-winning neck pillows, comfort products, and essential travel accessories are now featured in over 120 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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