Lelantos Holdings Successfully Acquires 15 Semitrucks Worth Approximately $1 Million Through Asset Purchase Agreement

LAS VEGAS, March 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire -- Lelantos Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: LNTO) (“Lelantos” or the “Company”), formerly ProConcept Marketing Group, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has executed a formal asset purchase agreement to acquire 15 semitrucks with a current operational business model. This initial acquisition will conclude the first phase of the Company’s four-step approach to entering into the shipping and logistics business. The completion of this initial asset purchase will provide Lelantos Holdings with a cash-flowing business model that is intended to complement its current energy division, as well as deliver the Company an increased asset valuation. The Company has also submitted its supplemental nonshell report with OTC Markets with the intent to remove the Company’s “Shell” designation. 

CEO Nathan Puente stated, “We are excited to add additional assets to our company, propel past the shell status and provide value to both the Company and shareholders. This, along with the acquisition of Lelantos Energy and the many projects under development, will help cement our future growth and achieve our goals of being an established and profitable company.”

The initial assets were acquired from TK Zarro, LLC through a senior secured, 12-month convertible promissory note, which currently holds a principal debt amount of $1,397,664 and earns 8% interest annually, while providing the seller with an option to convert any unpaid debt into unrestricted LNTO stock at a 20% conversion discount to market price when the note matures. All assets initially acquired hold an approximate total valuation of $1,144,730 million, calculated by equally splitting the total average market valuation and the retail valuation numbers provided and reported through bumper.com, a third-party vehicle reporting agency. 

COO Joshua Weaver stated, “The Company acquired the initial 15 semitruck assets at a slight premium to the approximate asset value, due to our team’s complete understanding of the financial potential within the full business model, when all four phases are achieved. The decision was unanimously agreed upon by the board of directors, and we are all excited to add a logistics branch to our growing company, as it will complement future business endeavors and work synergistically with our overarching goals.”

Further supplementing the financial commitments to the seller, it is the Company’s goal to complete an asset-backed loan, which will be used to complete the subsequent three phases of its business plan in order to leverage all revenue streams to pay down all commitments and become debt free and profitable as soon as possible. The additional three phases of its plan include acquiring 18 tractor-trailers, a full freight brokerage business and a fuel program business from the seller, all of which are anticipated to deliver positive cash flow and support the Company.  

About Lelantos Holdings

Founded in the spirit of “Solution Hunting,” Lelantos Holdings' innovative business structure is purpose-built to acquire or joint-venture with established entities in strategic market sectors. Lelantos is eager to expand its mission to create a diversified group of businesses at the forefront of innovation and to foster an environment for accelerated growth and success, contributing to our shareholders’ investment portfolio.
Pursuing business development through strategic innovation, Lelantos Holdings focuses on emerging technology in traditional markets to foster innovation and advance technological developments to positively impact our communities within the specific industries in which the Company works:

  • Agricultural technology and consultation
  • Sustainable energy
  • Business development & marketing 
  • Medical technology

Lelantos Holdings website: www.Lelantosholdings.io

About Lelantos Energy 


Lelantos Energy specializes in creating unique energy solutions for an ever-changing landscape. 
Lelantos Energy has strategically joined forces with experienced and leading industry professionals as well as dedicated lending resources to create a model that will mitigate risk and establish high-yield rewards for investors as well as firmly cement our vision to advance and revolutionize the delivery of renewable energy projects on a global scale.
Lelantos Energy’s strength is intelligently designing and developing large-scale projects, from multi-location operations to fully developed utility-scale systems. Beyond that, their strategic relationships allow them to finance, source products, develop and go to construction more quickly than most renewable energy solutions providers.
Lelantos Energy website: www.Lelantos.Energy


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