Kargo Partners With Snap to Develop Creative Science and a Dynamically Generated Product Catalog for E-commerce and Retail Advertisers

NEW YORK, March 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kargo via its Kargo Commerce division today announced that the company has signed a novel Strategic Partnership with Snap, creator of Snapchat, that will enhance formats, activation and optimization solutions for e-commerce and retail advertisers. The investment by both parties will build on existing Snap Dynamic Ads and Kargo Commerce capabilities, expanding the use of Kargo’s creative science platform and retail media tools to increase advertisers’ return on ad spend (ROAS). Creative Science is Kargo’s approach to combining dynamically personalized design with a measurement feedback loop to optimize towards creative led outcomes.

Kargo offers the only comprehensive retail, e-commerce and grocery-centric advertising solution designed to optimize performance and efficiency across multiple paid social channels. Kargo’s expanded partnership with Snap brings a new wave of enhancements, features, and go-to-market collaboration tools for Snap advertisers.  In addition to the ability to streamline ad creation at scale for thousands of products, the partnership and product led initiatives will further enhance dynamic creative and video building, and optimize digital catalogs with AI based commerce optimizations, boosting sales for advertisers.

“We're excited to partner with Kargo and bring retail, e-commerce and grocery advertisers’ access to Kargo's proven solutions. Through data-powered creative overlays, dynamic video, and AI-powered optimizations, Kargo's commerce tools will offer Snapchat advertisers new ways to enhance and optimize their campaigns on our platform,” said Ali Rana, Global Head of Product & Revenue Partnerships at Snap Inc. “We look forward to the capabilities that Kargo will bring to the Snap ecosystem as we continue to grow our offerings for retail and commerce advertisers and ultimately help them reach their customers effectively and efficiently.”

“Social platforms like Snap have become an important part of the retail experience and how consumers discover new products. Millions of people browse, shop and purchase on Snap, and we’ve seen first hand the performance that Snap can drive for advertisers. We’re thrilled to expand our partnership, making it easier than ever for retail advertisers to leverage our creative and optimization solutions on the platform,” said Michael Shaughnessy, Chief Operating Officer at Kargo. 

About Kargo
Kargo creates memorable digital advertising and content experiences across multiple channels and devices. With a suite of exclusive and unique advertising solutions, brands choose Kargo to make customer connections that count. Kargo is the leader for impactful ad placements with creative options that make the most of mobile, video and social media. For publishers, Kargo delivers technology that dramatically enhances viewer experience and significantly improves inventory and page performance. Headquartered in NYC, Kargo is 400+ employees strong with offices across the globe.

Emily Riley