OBSS CodeMaster coding contest continues with Cambridge after Oxford

Business simulation coding contest takes place in world-class universities in the UK: Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College, offering €30,000 grand prize

Top 3 Oxford students received their prizes after Oxford leg on March 7th

LONDON, March 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OBSS Technology is a software development and technology consultancy company, offering a wide spectrum of tech services in finance, banking, e-commerce industries with more than 850 senior developers and software architects for more than 18 years in business. With a vision to attract and grow young and passionate talent in technology, OBSS conducts CodeMaster coding contests for more than 10 years. In its 11th year, the OBSS CodeMaster online coding competition is expanding to the UK at world-class universities; University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, with a grand prize of €30,000.

Coding contest takes place in University of Cambridge on March 31st, following University of Oxford
Following the University of Oxford, CodeMaster will continue at the University of Cambridge, on Friday, March 31 at 11:00 a.m. GMT. Cambridge undergraduates with coding interest are welcome to apply for OBSS CodeMaster 2023 until March 30, 2023, 11.59 p.m. GMT at:

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the OBSS CodeMaster intercollegiate coding competition, with the overarching goal of supporting talent development and contributing to unlocking their potential.

OBSS CodeMaster measures the coding and solution development skills of each participant. CodeMaster 2023 will consist of 3 different tasks, including 1 algorithm and 2 sector-oriented tasks. With these tasks, OBSS aims to measure the skillsets of each participant in producing solutions, analysis, problem solving, planning, analytical thinking, developing algorithms and creating integrated solutions. Participants must be familiar with at least one of the programming languages Java, C#, C, C++, JavaScript and Python in order to complete these tasks of varying degrees of difficulty within the specified time and to be successful in the contest.

During the contest, the CodeMaster team of senior software developers will be ready on the online platform to answer any inquiries of contestants. The OBSS CodeMaster team will announce the highest ranking contestant on the same day, at the end of the event.

CodeMasters of Oxford received their prizes
CodeMaster’s first leg in the UK was held online on March 7, 2023, at the University of Oxford, UK. The top three coders were evaluated based on timing, quality of coding and applying theory in practice. CodeMasters Bogdan, Cem and Matilda received their awards of £5000, £2500 and £1000, respectively. The grand prize winner of €30,000 will be determined after all international competitions are completed.

Bogdan, 20, who is a BSc Computer Science student at the University of Oxford, said: “As a computer science student, it was amazing to interact with engineering disciplines and see my code come to life. The CodeMaster was a great experience and I would very much recommend it to all students.

OBSS Co-founder/CEO Şen visits Oxford campus, says CodeMaster is a ‘top talent magnet’

OBSS Co-founder/CEO Zafer Şen visited Oxford campus and met young tech talents. Şen says: “CodeMaster is different from other hackathons in how OBSS aims to find, train and bring in passionate people, not just those that are technologically gifted. CodeMaster has become a ‘top talent magnet’ in Turkey, and I am proud to see it expand to the most prestigious universities in the UK.

Standing out from the crowd of hackathons, OBSS CodeMaster coding contest received generous attention from top tech talent- up to 5,000 applications in previous years.

For more information please contact Ms. Nil Ayvaz at nil.ayvaz@obss.tech

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