HearingLife Canada Brings New AI-Powered Hearing Aids to Clinics Nationwide

Get Ready to Hear the Difference With Oticon Real™: The AI-Friendly Hearing Aid With Next-Level Sound Tech

TORONTO, March 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Committed to bringing Canadians life-changing hearing care, HearingLife Canada now offers Oticon’s most advanced hearing aid with a deep neural network, Oticon Real™, at clinics across the country.

Oticon Real™ hearing aids are designed with BrainHearing™ technology to support the brain’s natural way of processing sound. According to a study on the brain’s response to auditory stimuli in a complex auditory scene, the brain naturally makes sense of sounds by taking in sounds in both the foreground and background.1

Oticon Real™ hearing aids utilize cutting-edge technology to capture and balance a full 360 soundscape without compromising speech clarity.

  • The Wind and Handling Stabilizer increases speech clarity in windy situations2
  • Reduces distracting handling noises, such as contact with glasses or hair rubbing on the earpiece2
  • SuddenSound Stabilizer instantly balances soft and loud sudden sounds3
  • Includes “Deep Neural Network” (DNN) with over 12 million real-life sounds programmed in to allow users to hear each sound with detail and clarity 

For many, hearing loss can be difficult to identify because it gradually worsens over time. Nearly half of Canadians over 60 years old are living with untreated hearing loss, but hearing loss can occur at any age and be caused by many factors, including exposure to loud noises, infection, injury, or genetics. Taking a proactive approach to hearing care is an important part of self-care.

“We leverage advancements in hearing aid technology to deliver more personalized hearing care that is attuned to an individual’s shifting needs, surroundings, and lifestyle,” said Jillian Price, HearingLife Canada’s Chief Audiologist. “AI is changing the way we see hearing care and empowering our ability to help people stay connected to the world around them.”

Oticon Real™ is available in four styles, nine colors, and three performance levels. Users can connect to the Oticon Companion app for additional capabilities, such as wireless headset functions and streaming someone’s voice with Oticon’s ConnectClip remote microphone.

Canadians can find out more about Oticon Real™ and other hearing care options by scheduling a free, no-obligation hearing test with a trained hearing care professional - no physician referral needed. Call 1-855-785-3616 or visit www.hearinglife.ca to find a HearingLife provider near you.

About HearingLife
HearingLife is Canada’s leading local hearing care provider. With more than 300 clinics nationwide, HearingLife delivers a personalized approach to life-changing hearing care and encourages everyone to love their ears. Nearly half of Canadians over the age of 60 are suffering from hearing loss. HearingLife is working to address this alarming, largely unaddressed health concern by providing a free hearing test to every person in Canada over 60 years old, making hearing aids accessible to those who may not be able to afford them. Aimed at providing trusted hearing care globally, HearingLife Canada is part of Audika Group, an international hearing care provider and member of the global hearing health company Demant. For more information on HearingLife, visit www.hearinglife.ca, or follow HearingLife on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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