Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers Announces CEO Succession Plan

David McIntosh appointed CEO; Dennis May transitions to Executive Chairman of Board

Indianapolis, April 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers announced today its appointment of David McIntosh, currently President and Chief Operating Officer, as the organization’s next Chief Executive Officer. McIntosh will succeed current CEO Dennis May effective May 1, 2023. May has served since 2016 and will transition to Executive Chairman of the Board.   

McIntosh was strategically selected and thoroughly tailored for the CEO role during a year-long succession process. In his three years at Hopebridge, McIntosh has played a central role in increasing access to care and scaling operations across 12 states. His contributions to operations have included building out a strong clinical and operational support structure for the organization and expanding professional development opportunities. He was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer in 2021.

“David has shown great initiative and innovation in leading Hopebridge into our next chapter of progressive, quality care,” said Dennis May, transitioning Hopebridge CEO. “This transition has been thoughtfully and strategically developed over the past year. I could not be more confident in this selection, as I have had the opportunity to observe his success in operations and leadership for the last three years.”

Prior to Hopebridge, David had extensive experience as a physical therapist before moving into operations as VP of Operations at PT Solutions Physical Therapy. This makes David one of many clinicians now serving on the Hopebridge executive leadership team.

McIntosh earned a B.S. in Physical Therapy from Oral Roberts University and a M.S. and Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Indiana University.

McIntosh will lead a transition of his duties while continuing his strategic initiatives as new CEO.

“David is a well-loved and well-respected leader within the organization with a true ability to connect with employees of all backgrounds,” said Hopebridge Founder Kim Strunk. “His tenacity, clinical background and passion for autism advocacy makes him a clear leader and destined for the role in leading our company to the next chapter of success in 2023.”

New Hopebridge CEO Outlines Vision for 2023 and Beyond

McIntosh outlined his vision for Hopebridge’s future, placing special emphasis on the organization’s investments in clinical outcomes, employee engagement and development, clinical quality, and patient experience.

Our People

Connected, Supported, Empowered. These are my priorities when it comes to building our team at Hopebridge. We’re putting a strong focus on building relationships, internal communication, team collaboration, change management, and initiatives that continue to make Hopebridge a great place to work which in turn, provides consistent, quality care to enhance outcomes. We’re investing in our future clinicians and leaders through professional development programs like our Fellowship Program, RBT Development Program and Next Step Academy.

Our Patients

Hopebridge creates a progressive, inclusive and compassionate clinical environment for our patients today and beyond. We’re committed to driving a clinical shift in the field of autism care, deeply rooted in compassion, assent, varied instruction, and foundations of joy to create teaching opportunities. I’m eager to continue the momentum that has begun with Happy, Relaxed, Engaged (HRE) at Hopebridge, Acceptance and Commitment Training and PEAK Training.

Our Science

We are at the forefront of advancing many facets of our field – including therapist training, clinical quality, value-based care, research, compliance, parental support, patient tracking and feedback.  In 2023, we are going to advance our commitment to improving our science by investing in innovative research pilots and clinical outcomes. We prioritize compliance, governance and ethics to ensure clinical excellence.

Our Community

In 2023, we feel that all stakeholders have an obligation to come together to create quality clinical programs that encompass evidence-based clinical outcomes, sustainable wages for clinicians, and fair and equitable reimbursement from payers. Since 2005, our mission has been to serve the underserved. We continue to honor that by making access our mission, growing sustainably, and doing our part to support community organizations. 


About Hopebridge

Hopebridge was founded in 2005 to serve the growing need for autism treatment services and to improve the lives of affected children and families. Hopebridge is committed to providing personalized outpatient ABA, occupational, speech and feeding therapies for children touched by autism spectrum disorder and behavioral, physical, social, communication and sensory challenges. Hopebridge provides a trusted place where they can receive the care, support and hope they deserve.

More than a decade later, Hopebridge continues to open state-of-the-art autism therapy centers in new communities to reach patients and families who need services. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Hopebridge operates over 100 centers in the following twelve states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio and Tennessee.


Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers Announces CEO Succession Plan Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers Announces CEO Succession Plan

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