Laborjack focuses on Texas market for Q1 2023 growth

The gig economy leader’s model of connecting businesses to vetted, professional workers addresses the challenge of finding short-term local help in Texas for manual labor

DALLAS, April 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Laborjack, a company providing on-demand access to a prescreened, high-quality workforce, has expanded into the Dallas-Fort Worth area and announced plans to enter Houston later this summer.

The Laborjack app’s clean and simple-to-use interface allows individuals and businesses to connect easily for collaboration on projects that require manual labor like landscaping, moving and event setup and teardown.

“Laborjack isn’t just muscle for hire or some temp staffing agency. We are the future model for the gig economy workforce,” said Blake Craig, Laborjack’s CEO and co-founder. “Between the great resignation and the gig economy exploding in popularity, we’ve seen tremendous growth in Colorado by helping to create thousands of opportunities by connecting workers with flexible projects to make a living — and now we are bringing this momentum to Texas.” 

Laborjack expects to receive 1,100 applications in the DFW area. Within 12 months, this move is expected to provide the community with up to 300 jobs. The company put around 550 new hires, also known as “Laborjacks,” to work in 2022, completing around 5,000 jobs across the gig economy in Colorado, with the average worker earning up to $31/hour. Laborjack’s unique platform connected almost 5,000 people with jobs across all of the markets the company served last year.  

“We attribute this success to our unique onboarding and vetting process for all ‘Laborjacks’ we hire. We employ onboarding specialists to review applications and ensure proper training to build a professional and friendly workforce ready to tackle all your manual labor needs,” said Cole Harger, Vice President of Laborjack Relations. 

To help the company succeed in the Dallas region, Laborjack hired Kyle Beery as director of operations to work alongside Harger and Ben Dunn, chief marketing officer, to help build the management teams in Texas. Each market will hire two local market specialists who will work with on-site training and quality control teams to ensure operations run efficiently.

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About Laborjack

Laborjack is a Colorado-based moving, landscaping and staffing business that connects people through an online platform. The company specializes in matching laborers, usually college students, for moving, staffing and home services in markets across Colorado, and now Texas. For more information, visit



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