Salve Launches New Microservices Platform Focused On Unifying the Cannabis Industry

Salve's platform delivers dynamic technical capabilities to the cannabis industry by compliantly making all technologies available on one platform

MIAMI, April 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Salve today announces the launch of its new commerce platform, created specifically for regulated industries.

The catalyst for Salve's technology came from the struggles enterprise cannabis companies have been experiencing over the past several years. Up until this point, multi-state operators (MSOs) only had two options: choose out-of-the-box technologies with limited functionality or rely on spreadsheets to scale their businesses in a complex regulatory environment. These options prevent meaningful growth and executive oversight while creating compliance risks.

Salve's technology aims to eliminate these problems for MSOs by using microservices. A modular architectural approach like microservices allows Salve to replicate and customize the platform specifically for an enterprise-level MSO. Salve touts its solution as the "last cannabis platform you'll ever need" because operators can scale without having to re-platform, swapping modules interchangeably and perpetually. When new technologies come on the market, whether for cannabis or not, Salve can switch third-party integrations with ease.

“Salve has allowed us to scale operationally more than we ever could previously,” said Matti Marshak, CTO of The Flowery. “The platform has given us full control over how each department operates and provides oversight of the entire company in one place. I believe Salve is the future of cannabis.”

The best part about this model is that Salve customers always own their data and can leverage it to their operation's advantage. This practice starkly contrasts current commerce technologies in cannabis, notably the marketplaces that not only own the customers’ data but also limit what integrations and customizations are available. When companies can access their data, they can leverage it to engage with customers and provide them with a more personal shopping experience – from recommending new products to implementing targeted sales strategies.

Salve's platform focuses on four primary areas of operation:

  1. Customer Experience (CXP) – Salve's headless experience is entirely customizable, allowing customers to create sales and distribution channels on demand. Customers enjoy a seamless, consistent buying experience, whether online or in-store, with self-ordering kiosks, menus and more.
  2. Order Management System (OMS) – Salve handles all orders from all sales channels, regardless of how the orders originate. Each order is processed, managed and fulfilled by Salve's OMS in one view for the operator.
  3. Product Information Management (PIM) – Salve enables businesses to manage product catalogs across all sales channels with the ability to move inventory freely and compliantly from one sales channel to another – all while maintaining a real-time inventory sync across the entire ecosystem.
  4. Compliance as a Service (CaaS) – Salve maintains state, inventory and patient compliance with each partner integration including the enablement of non-cannabis technologies that can now service the cannabis industry through the Salve ecosystem.

What makes Salve’s product so unique are the managed services aspects behind the scenes. Salve helps businesses operate more efficiently to achieve cannabis-at-scale by extending the operator's internal tech team with operational capabilities, monitoring, domain expertise and engineering. The company offers service level agreements with nearly 400 hours of support a month, so operators now have an ally to continue to use, grow and troubleshoot their technology platform and its unique intricacies. In addition, the company offers an extensive knowledge base to each of its customers.

"Our team works day-to-day with department heads to continually stitch technologies and workflows together to reach operational efficiency,” said Tony Richards, CTO of Salve. “Once achieved, executives have full oversight on their operation."

Salve's platform went live in July 2022. Since then, the company has successfully and compliantly processed over $12 million in cannabis sales, managed over one million units of regulated inventory, created over 150,000 orders and served over 20,000 customers. Salve has over 20 integration partners in and out of the cannabis industry, including fulfillment robots, integrated payments and best-of-breed point of sales. Customers using Salve see an increase in monthly sales, ticket size and returning customers, all within 60 days of launching on the platform.

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About Salve
Salve is a fully customizable commerce solution for enterprise-level businesses in highly regulated industries. Currently focusing on the cannabis industry, Salve seamlessly connects technologies on one platform to streamline compliance and operations. Salve automates previously manual processes, saving time and creating actionable intelligence. The microservices platform allows businesses to choose their tech stack, change it on-demand, and scale effortlessly, creating what is known as frictionless commerce. Salve unifies businesses under one platform by focusing on customer experience, order management, inventory management, and compliance-as-a-service. For more information and to request a demo, visit

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