Newtrul and Tai Join Forces to Streamline Freight Broker Load Negotiations

--Tai’s partnership with Newtrul empowers freight brokers with better rate and carrier control--

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., April 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tai TMS (Tai), a fully integrated, broker platform for freight management and transportation, today announced an integration partnership with Newtrul, a dynamic platform unlocking automation and digital booking growth for mid-market brokerages.

With the integration, brokers can now create shipments and send them to Newtrul's private load board by simply updating the shipment status. From there, users can track how many quotes are received within Tai’s company loadboard and access a truckload quoting page to review quotes and accept or reject them. Without having to sift through multiple tabs, brokers can negotiate with carriers from a single page within Tai with quotes from Newtrul’s carrier network.

“Mid-market brokerages that want to grow need to have tools and tech solutions that help them achieve their goals and scale with them,” said Walter Mitchell, CEO, Tai. “Our integration with Newtrul means that brokers don’t have to negotiate with several carriers to find a suitable rate, they can reject quotes and negotiate with the same carrier in real time.”

For Newtrul, partnering with freight broker oriented TMS providers, like Tai, provides an influx of automation to brokers who traditionally operated manually in spreadsheets. Newtrul’s book now automation and carrier negotiation tools make it easier for carriers and brokers to move loads while automation within Tai TMS complements this process by saving booking steps. The single page data view within Tai saves each agent at a brokerage 11 hours a week on average.

Ed Stockman, CEO, Newtrul adds, “Newtrul aligns with the real needs of mid-market freight brokerages. By streamlining the booking process, curating a trusted carrier network, and empowering teams with automation, we’ve afforded brokers a competitive edge that is typically reserved for the top 1%. We're thrilled to welcome Tai customers to the next generation of digital freight matching.”

As automation efforts continue to ramp and scale across the industry, Tai has identified a number of partners across the industry that not only compliment Tai’s automated platform, but bring new capabilities to freight brokers. Tai’s integration with Newtrul is another step in a long-term plan to support human capital with top-level technology.

About Tai
Tai TMS is an all-in-one domestic freight management system for full truckload and LTL shipments. Tai gives freight brokers unmatched speed and scalability with automation implanted into every phase, along with direct integrations to carriers, load boards, and capacity tools.

Tai Software's core group of developers and freight industry experts has helped freight brokers scale growth for over 20 years. We are dedicated to introducing unique, envelope-pushing, instantly accessible products to the transportation management industry. We believe in perfecting our existing products and expanding only when we can meet our own highest standards. Our lean organization allows us to focus on continuous innovation to ensure our customers are always empowered with the most cutting-edge software.

About Newtrul
Newtrul is a technology company helping to increase efficiencies in the trucking industry with a digital freight-aggregation platform. For more information visit

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