iLobby Announces EmergencyOS – A New Enterprise Evacuation and Emergency Management Solution

TORONTO, April 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iLobby, the global leader in enterprise facility and visitor management solutions, today announced the release of EmergencyOS, an emergency and evacuation management solution designed to improve end-to-end evacuation event efficiency and efficacy. EmergencyOS is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio integrating directly with the iLobby FacilityOS platform to deliver a more streamlined experience that optimizes and digitizes safety, security and compliance protocols.

Introducing EOS iLobby

iLobby’s EmergencyOS optimizes emergency management for all stages of an event; notifications and evacuations, returning on-site, reporting, and analytics. The solution provides digital oversight and maximizes evacuation and emergency efficiency, data capture, communication, and compliance to help de-risk and de-escalate the impact of emergency events and drills in all facilities.

Organizations are subject to compliance standards, regulatory requirements, and internal mandates when it comes to managing and improving emergency evacuation processes and speed. Despite this, there exists a void in how organizations meet these demands. EmergencyOS was designed to fill this gap, as an automated, cloud-based solution that provides a streamlined, efficient evacuation process with detailed historical data to inform and monitor improvements.

“Mustering and emergency readiness has largely remained a manual and expensive process,” said Ariel Mashiyev, CEO of iLobby. "It impacts every single employee in an organization, yet it has benefited very little from modern technology. Running manual processes is complex and time-consuming, leading to limited and improper mustering practices. EmergencyOS was created to help our customers support best practices and improve safety for their employees and visitors, all while reducing their costs. We are thrilled to release this new module that furthers our vision – digitizing complex, manual and dated facility or site-related processes.”

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About iLobby

Deployed across more than 5,000 sites worldwide, iLobby powers complex work environments by optimizing and automating key facility processes to achieve regulatory compliance, enforce safety protocols, and drive site security requirements.

The iLobby platform is supported by robust reporting, turnkey onboarding, and extensive configurability that ensures maximum impact in complex and regulated industries, such as manufacturing, industrial, and other high-security environments.

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