Medigene AG to present Phase I clinical data for MDG1011 with poster presentation at EBMT 2023 Annual Meeting

Martinsried/Munich, April 11, 2023. Medigene AG (Medigene, FSE: MDG1, Prime Standard), an immuno-oncology platform company focusing on the discovery and development of T cell immunotherapies for solid tumors, will present a poster at the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) 2023 annual meeting being held on April 23-26, 2023 in Paris.

The data to be presented show the full results from the CD-TCR-001 dose escalation study with MDG1011, a T cell receptor engineered T cell (TCR-T) therapy directed against the tumor antigen PRAME (PReferentially expressed Antigen in MElanoma) with HLA-A*02:01, in heavily pre-treated patients suffering from different hematological malignancies. MDG1011 was well-tolerated, with efficacy most evident at the highest dose level tested. Data also showed that MDG1011 cells were still detectable after several months while PRAME levels decreased and remained low.

The abstract for this clinical study has been published online and the accompanying presentation in the form of an ePoster will be available online on April 23, 2023.

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First-in-Human Study of MDG1011, a TCR-T Cell Therapy directed against HLA-A*02:01-
Restricted PRAME, for High-Risk Myeloid and Lymphoid Neoplasms (CD-TCR-001)

Simone Thomas, Martin Wermke, Vladan Vucinic, Eva Wagner-Drouet, Andreas Mackensen, Robert Zeiser, Gesine Bug, Michael Schmitt, Petra Prinz, Dolores Schendel, Kai Pinkernell, René Goedkoop

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About Medigene
Medigene AG (FSE: MDG1) is a leading immuno-oncology company dedicated to developing T-cell therapies to effectively eliminate cancer. Its end-to-end technology platform, built on multiple proprietary and exclusive product development and product enhancement technologies, allows Medigene to create best-in-class differentiated, T cell receptor engineered T cell (TCR-T) therapies for multiple solid tumor indications that are optimized for both safety and efficacy. This platform provides product candidates for both its in-house therapeutics pipeline and partnering.

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About Medigene’s End-To-End Platform
Medigene’s immunotherapies help activate the patient’s own defense mechanisms by harnessing T cells in the battle against cancer. Medigene’s end-to-end platform combines multiple exclusive and proprietary technologies to create best-in-class TCR-T therapies. The end-to-end platform includes multiple product enhancement technologies, (e.g. PD1-41BB Switch Receptor, Precision Pairing) and development optimization technologies (e.g. Allogeneic-HLA (Allo-HLA) TCR Priming) to aid the development of differentiated TCR-T therapies. Partnerships with multiple companies including BioNTech, 2seventy bio, and Hongsheng Sciences, continue to validate the platform’s assets & technologies.

PRAME (PReferentially expressed Antigen in MElanoma) is a tumor antigen of the cancer-testis-antigen family which is over-expressed in various solid and blood cancers. Expression in healthy tissue is limited to the testis, which itself is an immuno-privileged tissue that usually cannot be attacked by the body’s own immune cells. This renders PRAME very suitable as a target antigen for TCR-T therapies.

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