Casa Systems Extends Market Leadership with Next Gen Distributed Access Architecture Deployments

Groundbreaking software design sets new benchmarks for performance and flexibility

ANDOVER, Mass., April 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Casa Systems (Nasdaq: CASA) today announced that its innovative DA2200 Distributed Access node, the only FPGA-based, DOCSIS 4.0-ready Remote PHY (RPHY) node in the industry, has been successfully deployed with Tier 1 cable operators in North and South America. Setting new industry benchmarks for performance and flexibility, Casa Systems’ DA2200 Distributed Access node provides cable operators with a flexible foundation that enables a smooth, cost-effective transition to distributed, cloud-native environments.

Casa Systems’ Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) solutions are designed to help operators push capacity to the edge by improving the services their subscribers enjoy and extracting more value from existing investments, while maintaining seamless operations in the transition from a centralized to a distributed environment. Building on Casa Systems’ tradition of software excellence, the DA2200 is a secure, high-density distributed access node that provides gigabit+ throughput and support for high-split, symmetrical services. Casa Systems’ DA2200 is forward engineered for a seamless transition to full duplex and extended spectrum DOCSIS (1.8 GHz).

“Casa Systems continues to lead the way with distributed access architecture solutions that are open, scalable, and interoperable and that feature the highest availability,” said Weidong Chen, Chief Technical Officer at Casa Systems. “Unlike traditional ASIC-based solutions that employ a one-size-fits-all approach, our unique software design uses programmable FPGAs that are tailored to meet specific operator requirements with the ability to implement new features quickly and easily as their networks evolve. In the race to 10G, the DA2200 delivers unparalleled flexibility and performance to cable operators, while offering a path for future growth.”

Accelerate Network Transformation with Casa Systems Cloud-Native Cable Solutions
As broadband usage continues to climb, cable operators are turning to virtualized cloud native solutions to extend to their coverage, enter new geographic areas and expand capacity using more flexible and cost-effective virtualized solutions. Casa Systems’ virtual CCAP (vCCAP) and DAA solutions deliver a new level of interoperability and operational agility for virtual, cloud-native and edge network functions. Casa’s cloud-native vCCAP integrates full DOCSIS functionality that rapidly scales to deliver high speed voice, video, and data services with an unrivaled quality of service and reliability that subscribers expect—without driving up costs. With Casa Systems’ DAA solutions, operators can accelerate their network transformation and deployment of new services with a consistent cloud platform supported by leading hyper-scalers that extends across the network from the data center to the edge.

Casa Systems at ANGA COM 2023 | May 23-25 | Cologne Germany
Casa Systems will showcase the power and versatility of its end-to-end portfolio of innovative cloud-native and multi-access broadband network solutions and demonstrate how operators can leverage new technologies to do more with less – less power, less space, and less cost – and turn the savings into new revenue generating opportunities. To schedule a meeting with Casa Systems’ broadband experts and tour our innovative solutions including our DA2200 Distributed Access node at ANGA COM 2023, visit

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