Breaking the Freeze: How the Pandemic has Forced Businesses to Unfreeze on Climate

Chris Caldwell, CEO of United Renewables, Engages in Conversation with Professor Lynda Gratton, a renowned expert on the future of work.

Chris Caldwell, CEO of United Renewables, Engages in ConversationProfessor Lynda Gratton, a renowned expert on the future of work.

Chris Caldwell, CEO of United Renewables, Engages in Conversation with Professor Lynda Gratton, a renowned expert on the future of work.

DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, April 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Christopher Caldwell, CEO, Entrepreneur and host of the Conversations on Climate podcast, delves into the progress of the sustainability revolution disruption curve.

As we commemorate three years since the first UK COVID lockdown, Caldwell reflects on the pandemic's impact on work, leadership and the environment. In the final episode of season one of the Conversations on Climate podcast, Professor Lynda Gratton and Caldwell discussed the freeze-unfreeze model, an elegant and powerful concept for tracing organisational change.

Caldwell contemplates where we stand on the curve for the sustainability transformation. Are we in the freeze, unfreeze, refreeze, or slush phase? Whilst some argue that we are undergoing a great sustainability unfreezing, others believe that we are in the slush, and the green agenda has already turned markets and companies upside down. However, Caldwell contends that both perspectives are incorrect. When it comes to climate, the business remains frozen, and the economic system is on ice.

Most companies have focused on the easy tasks and have yet to tackle genuine change. Where is the progress on genuine circular economies, finite resources and regenerative practices? Who is discussing reducing total energy throughput and identifying their steady state? The business world is mainly paralysed by fear, waiting for a genuinely transformative model that appears safe enough to replicate.

The pandemic taught us that even the best-laid plans do not last too long. We will not reach the unfreeze point until we recognise that we are still frozen. We will not benefit from flattering ourselves that we are further along the curve than we genuinely are. Even if done with good intentions, it's just another subtle form of denial.

Business leaders must acknowledge that the next significant disruption is climate chaos and the shift to genuinely regenerative businesses and workplaces that it requires. It's time to move beyond mere talk and take real action towards sustainability.

About Lynda Gratton:

Professor Gratton holds the position of Professor of Management Practice in Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, where she teaches popular courses such as 'Future of Work' and 'Strategy in Transforming Companies'. In addition to her academic work, she serves as a Council chair at the World Economic Forum, founded strategy consultancy HSM Advisory, and has authored several award-winning books, including Redesigning Work and The 100 Year Life.

About Chris Caldwell:

Chris Caldwell is the CEO of United Renewables, a global constructor and operator of renewable energy infrastructure. With over 20 years of experience in the cleantech industry, Caldwell is a respected leader in the sustainable business community.

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Conversations on Climate brings world-leading thinkers from business and academia together to share their expertise on the subject of climate change. Previous guests include Sir Andrew Likierman, Julio Dal Poz, Professor Jean-Pierre BenoîtProfessor IoannouTara Schmidt, Professor Dan Cable, Professor Zoe Chance, treeapp founders, and Professor Kathleen O’Connor.

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