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The data fabric market is currently dominated by North America, which accounts for approximately 47% of the global income share. This can be attributed to the large number of companies in the United States that provide data management solutions, which gives the region a significantly larger share of the global market compared to other regions. As a result, North America has established itself as a major player in the data fabric market

NEWARK, Del, April 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global data fabric market in 2023 is estimated to be US$ 2.43 billion. By 2033, it is anticipated to achieve US$ 10.29 billion, evolving at a CAGR of 15.54%.

The quantity and variety of corporate data are directly impacted by increased internet usage and the growing number of internet-enabled gadgets. To conduct surveillance, for instance, sensors and webcams continuously capture position data.

Data is taken from the data network for analytics purposes, and organizations adopt data analytics as a result due to the increasing need for smart data analysis. Moreover, Data generation has further skyrocketed because of the expansion of online networks and the digital revolution.

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While many institutions are increasingly using digital classrooms and online instructions, grocery stores also primarily focus on online ordering and delivery. These strategies have resulted in an increase in the volume and variety of company data. The data fabric market is expanding because of the rising need for real-time streaming analytics, corporate agility, and data portability, among several other things.

Attractive Market Opportunities

Demand for Data Availability and Company Speed Has Increased.

Businesses choose big data solutions that organize data and provide instant access to information. The capabilities of big data platforms are gradually opening up new opportunities for sectors. Data accessibility has replaced the necessity for big data platform adoption with quick data accessibility solutions like data fabric.

Data fabric has grown in popularity because it provides a holistic strategy for handling data safely, effectively, and in a future-proof manner. This considerably enhances firm agility and data accessibility, spurring the global data fabric market expansion in the coming years.

Significant Market Constraint

Data Management is Inadequate

Data is an essential component of data-driven enterprises that perform a range of functions. The design rapidly connects data to corporate functional areas such as finance, human resources, sales, and operations, among others. Nevertheless, these linkages do not remember past data transactions. This bargain may be valuable for data scientists, business analysts, and machine learning developers.

The component required to include this information is absent from its design. The inability to directly manage data stored in the cloud limits the data's visibility. The lack of visibility may have an impact on the governance and security of stored data, slowing the data fabric market development.

Regional Viewpoints

  • Due to the vast number of businesses offering data management solutions in the United States, North American region dominates the data fabric market. The region has reputation for being among the first to adopt cutting-edge ideas.
  • The presence of the majority of data centers and the growth in the collection of data from unorganized sources are the main factors influencing the United States data fabric industry.
  • The rapid transition to digitization and the rise in data centers are two reasons that can promote the use of the data fabric solution in Asia Pacific. The United States comes in first place globally for data center usage, followed by China. According to the analysis, China's big data business may continue to grow steadily.

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Key Takeaways

  • The solution sector is anticipated to garner an 81% revenue share by component segment, commanding the data fabric market in 2023.
  • In terms of deployment, the on-premises market group is estimated to prevail with a 62% data fabric sales share in 2023.
  • The disk-based sub-segment is likely to rule the data fabric type sector with a revenue share of more than 78.7% in 2023.
  • The large enterprise business section in the enterprise size category is likely to witness lucrative market share in 2023, with a revenue share for data fabric of more than 69.5%.
  • The fraud detection sector in the business application category had a strong revenue share for data fabric of nearly 27%.
  • In 2023, the BFSI sector is likely to get a strong income share of over 23% in the industry category.
  • North America data fabric industry is likely to record an income share of around 47% in 2023.
  • Asia Pacific data fabric industry is expected to have rapid expansion.

Innovating Data Management Technology and Services to Gain Market Share

The data fabric manufacturers work together to combine their technological know-how in analytics, cloud integration, and AI to give customers the best insights tailored to their needs. Similar to other firms, these are funding innovations and advancements to increase their market presence. A new product, service, or improvement to an existing product may be considered an innovation if it aims to satisfy data fabric demand and meet the demands of customers.


  • TIBCO Software Inc. unveiled TIBCO DQ in September 2021, along with updates to its Data Virtualization and Unify products. Organizations can build the agile tool on any cloud with the aid of this product. It also provides tools for AI and ML-powered automated detection and monitoring.


  • BMW Group and NetApp Inc. signed a deal in December 2021 for the latter company to supply data infrastructure to the former. The company's novel discoveries are accelerated by NetApp's fabric.

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Market Players

  • Atlan Pte. Ltd
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Talend
  • SAP
  • Informatica inc.
  • Cloudera inc.
  • TIBCO Software Inc.
  • Amazon Web Services, Inc.
  •, Inc.

Key Segments  

By Component

  • Solution
  • Services

By Deployment Type

  • On-premise
  • Cloud

By Type

  • Disk-based Data Fabric
  • In-memory Data Fabric

By Enterprise Size

  • Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Large Enterprise

By Business Applications

  • Fraud Detection and Security Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Management
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Other Applications

By Industry

  • BFSI
  • Telecommunications & IT
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Others

By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • The Middle East and Africa

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Table of Content

1. Executive Summary | Data Fabric Market

1.1. Global Market Outlook

1.2. Demand-side Trends

1.3. Supply-side Trends

1.4. Technology Roadmap Analysis

1.5. Analysis and Recommendations

2. Market Overview

2.1. Market Coverage / Taxonomy

2.2. Market Definition / Scope / Limitations

3. Market Background

3.1. Market Dynamics

3.2. Scenario Forecast

3.3. Opportunity Map Analysis

3.4. Investment Feasibility Matrix

3.5. PESTLE and Porter’s Analysis

3.6. Regulatory Landscape

3.7. Regional Parent Market Outlook

4. Global Market Analysis 2018 to 2022 and Forecast, 2023 to 2033

4.1. Historical Market Size Value (US$ Million) Analysis, 2018 to 2022

4.2. Current and Future Market Size Value (US$ Million) Projections, 2023 to 2033

5. Global Market Analysis 2018 to 2022 and Forecast 2023 to 2033, By Component

5.1. Introduction / Key Findings

5.2. Historical Market Size Value (US$ Million) Analysis By Component, 2018 to 2022

5.3. Current and Future Market Size Value (US$ Million) Analysis and Forecast By Component, 2023 to 2033

5.4. Y-o-Y Growth Trend Analysis By Component, 2018 to 2022

5.5. Absolute $ Opportunity Analysis By Component, 2023 to 2033

6. Global Market Analysis 2018 to 2022 and Forecast 2023 to 2033, By Deployment Type

6.1. Introduction / Key Findings

6.2. Historical Market Size Value (US$ Million) Analysis By Deployment Type, 2018 to 2022

6.3. Current and Future Market Size Value (US$ Million) Analysis and Forecast By Deployment Type, 2023 to 2033

6.4. Y-o-Y Growth Trend Analysis By Deployment Type, 2018 to 2022

6.5. Absolute $ Opportunity Analysis By Deployment Type, 2023 to 2033

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