Body Camera Analytics Company Truleo Reaches $500K in Investments

Truleo’s mission is to increase trust in the police through body camera analytics

CHICAGO, April 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via InvestorWire -- Body camera analytics company Truleo is pleased to announce that its StartEngine raise has just reached $500,000. As the No. 1 provider of automated body camera reviews, Truleo believes that professional police behavior leads to more positive outcomes. When there is mutual respect, civilians are more willing to comply with the police.

How Truleo’s A.I. technology works:

  • Leverages natural language processing to analyze the audio on an officer’s body camera.
  • The company’s engine determines when conflict-based events may have occurred during a call for service.
  • The officer’s language is then scored as being professional or unprofessional.

Truleo is tapping into a massive $10 billion market targeting 18,000 departments in the United States.

Departments nationwide have benefited from Truleo’s body camera analytics; the company’s customers have reported experiencing a 36% decrease in use-of-force occurrences. 

For those interested in Truleo and its crowdfunding raise, visit the company’s raise page on StartEngine to learn more.

About Truleo

Truleo has created a cutting-edge body camera analytics platform. The company’s revolutionary technology automatically processes 100% of BWC data and produces timely, actionable reports.

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