QI Graduates from NEC X’s Venture Studio Program With AI-Generated Personalized Marketing Content Platform

QI is the only AI-powered content creator that offers end-to-end personalization, saving time by 65% and delivering 4x customer engagement

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NEC X Inc., the innovation incubator and accelerator for NEC's emerging technologies, announced today that technology startup, Qualitative Intelligence (QI) is graduating from its Venture Studio Program. QI is the only artificial intelligence (AI)-powered content creation solution that offers an end-to-end personalized content marketing platform using generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms.

Revolutionizing AI-powered content creation, QI enables marketers to produce personalized, high-quality content quickly and easily at scale. It transforms marketing by taking content strategy to a new level. The platform offers a range of tools, from NLP analysis and AI-generating personalized content to retargeting campaigns that are customized to meet the specific needs of individual brands and marketers. QI makes content creation and analysis faster, more efficient and highly effective.

"NEC X is pleased to have worked with QI to incubate and help develop their business," said Shige Ihara, president, and CEO, of NEC X. "We are excited to continue to work with QI, especially during the next phase where we will implement semantic NLP technology. It will elevate QI's trend-spotting algorithms and tools. This integration will provide QI's customers with even more powerful insights, allowing them to stay ahead of trends and produce more personalized and effective content. We look forward to seeing QI's great success as a graduate of our program."

Challenges faced in creating content include finding subject matter experts to develop the content and creating content that resonates with the target audience. QI’s end-to-end personalized content marketing platform powered by NLP and generative AI understands the context of social conversations and produces personalized content that produces 4x more customer engagement without needing a subject matter expert. While at the same time, marketing teams will save up to 65% of their time and resources creating engaging, personalized content at scale.

“NEC X's Venture Studio Program has been an incredible journey for QI and Vox QI. With their help, we have brought to market an AI-powered content creation solution that revolutionizes the way brands communicate with their audience. We are excited to continue our collaboration with NEC X and to bring the power of Vox QI to businesses worldwide, helping them build deeper connections with their customers and stay ahead of the curve,” said JD Rico, founder of QI and the brain behind Vox QI.

AI-driven personalized marketing campaigns will enable businesses to build stronger customer connections and increase brand loyalty. Streamlining the content creation process will save companies both time and money and provide a competitive advantage that allows enterprises to scale and grow in new ways.

According to Laura K. Ratner, co-founder and chief marketing officer, Ladybug Potions, “Thanks to QI, our content creation at Ladybug Potions has reached new heights, putting us way ahead of our competition. We’ve managed to triple our content output while cutting down production and research time by more than 50%. Best of all, our sent campaigns doubled, and our clickthrough rate skyrocketed by 225%. QI has definitely played a key role in converting our subscribers into loyal customers!”

More information about QI can be found at https://www.voxqi.com and inquiries can be directed to jd@voxqi.com.

Those interested in participating or learning more about NEC X’s Venture Studio Program as entrepreneurs, partners or investors can visit https://nec-x.com or email contact-us@nec-x.com.

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About QI
QI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered content creation solution that offers an end-to-end personalized content marketing platform using generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. Its suite of tools, including NLP analysis and AI-generating personalized content, allows marketers to produce high-quality content quickly and easily at scale. QI's cutting-edge technology makes content creation and analysis faster, more efficient, and more effective, revolutionizing the way brands and marketers communicate with their audiences. Learn more at https://www.voxqi.com or by emailing jd@voxqi.com.

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