Satori Announces Availability of Contextual Data Access to Cut Time-to-Data from Weeks to Seconds for Analytics, Data Science and Engineering

New capability enables automatic access to data that employees need, as they need it, based on context and actions in popular business applications including Salesforce, Jira and Slack

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Satori, the industry’s leading data security platform, today announced the availability of contextual data access. This capability allows users to obtain instant, just-in-time access to relevant data when they need it. Companies that manage sensitive data can now get time-to-value from data faster than ever before while meeting security and compliance requirements.

Data access management is taking a huge toll. Companies are unable to realize their true data-driven potential because manual processes for getting access to data create significant delays, which incur high operational costs and add significant security, compliance and privacy risks.

Built into its award-winning data security platform, Satori’s contextual data access makes data available to employees right when they need it. By analyzing user attributes, contextual and historical data, and user actions within popular business applications including Salesforce, Jira and Slack, Satori seamlessly automates access to data when the user needs it and revokes access when it’s no longer required. This cuts down time-to-data to seconds, removes overhead and saves costs.

With this new capability, Satori can predict data access needs based on the business context of the user, and automate the provisioning and revocation of access. For example, a sales engineer can log into Salesforce and, based on their actions, is automatically granted access to a specific subset of data without needing to request it. Or, an engineer requires access to production data to fix issues, and based on the business context in Jira, is able to get temporary access to fix the problem in a controlled, audited and compliant way. Another sample use case concerns remote work: if a data analyst tries to access data they typically use, but is working remotely that day, they will be granted authorization to view the data with sensitive details redacted to preserve privacy.

All data access is enabled according to the requirements of the company, including anonymization of sensitive data, serving data according to user geography, and more. These policies can be defined in Satori’s platform, which now also includes powerful attribute-based access controls (ABAC) to define the logic according to which data can be accessed and apply it across all organizational data.

“It’s 2023 – users should no longer wait weeks for data,” said Ben Herzberg, Chief Scientist and VP of Marketing, Satori. “Nor should data or DevOps engineers be spending large chunks of their time babysitting data, manually enabling and disabling access to it. Companies should fly with their data.”

Satori’s new contextual data access capabilities are live on the Satori platform and available to all Satori customers. Click here to learn more or to take Satori for a test drive.

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