APTIM Honors Its Commitment to the Global Community with 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Baton Rouge, LA, April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In celebration of Earth Day and the company’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG), APTIM—a recognized leader in environment, resilience, and sustainability services—has released its annual ESG Report. Titled “Honoring Our Commitments,” the report highlights APTIM’s ongoing efforts to foster a clean and efficient energy economy, build a sustainable future for the natural world and surrounding communities, and create a more inclusive and equitable environment that celebrates diversity.

“At APTIM, ESG is not just the acronym of the day; it is deeply embedded in the principles of our culture and heavily informs the path we take as a company,” said APTIM Enterprise Director of ESG Monica Thilges. “We look forward to accelerating our pace in 2023 by continuing to increase our engagement with global standards, reduce our environmental footprint, and increase the diversity of our company and subcontractors.”

The report outlines APTIM’s ESG-related priorities, objectives, and progress with reference to Global Reporting Initiative’s standards and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. In 2022, APTIM joined the UN Global Compact, the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, and committed to set company-wide emission reduction targets in line with the Paris Agreement through the Science Based Targets initiative. The report also highlights APTIM’s efforts to reduce its consumption of single-use plastics and a new philanthropic partnership with Louisiana State University’s College of the Coast & Environment. 

ESG is a core part of APTIM’s mission and the services it offers, focused on rebuilding communities for resilience against climate change, ensuring the reliability and integrity of critical energy infrastructure, and creating a cleaner and safer environment. For example, APTIM’s projects in 2022 included Hurricane Ian response in South Florida; remediation of the Colorado Smelter Superfund site in Pueblo, Colorado; collaboration on the Atlas of Disaster; and management of the Climate Action Rebate program in Denver, Colorado.

“Sustainability is about following through on our commitments to our teammates, communities, clients, partners, and planet,” said APTIM Chairman and CEO Mark Fallon. “We take great care in the way we engage each of these stakeholders because we are driven to build an equitable and sustainable future.” 

The 2022 ESG Report is available for free download on APTIM’s website. For inquiries about the report or how APTIM can help your business or community become more sustainable, please contact Sustainability@APTIM.com



APTIM is an industry leader with headquarters in Baton Rouge, La. APTIM specializes in environment, resilience, sustainability, and energy solutions, as well as technical and data solutions, program management, and critical infrastructure. Our dedicated team has experience and expertise to provide integrated services and solutions to government agencies, commercial and industrial clients, and energy customers. APTIM commits to accelerating the transition toward a clean and efficient energy economy, building a sustainable future for our communities and natural world, and creating a more inclusive and equitable environment that celebrates diversity of our people.


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