True Tickets Launches Phase Two of its Rules-Based Ticket Sharing Functionality

BOSTON, April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- True Tickets, the first solution for new first-party data broadly available for Tessitura Network members, announces the release of the next version of its rules-based ticket sharing feature, further empowering event organizers to create and assign rules related to the sharing of digital tickets. The new version allows clients to set rules at the performance, price type, and constituent levels, giving them even more control over their ticketing operations.

With phase two of rules-based ticket sharing, True Tickets clients can set up guardrails against sharing specific types of tickets or require the original purchaser to attend the show. For example, a venue may opt not to allow student tickets to be shared, or at a VIP event, may limit ticket sharing to within one degree of separation.

“Our clients have made it very clear that they need to ensure their ticketing policies are followed, even after they put tickets into the hands of buyers,” said Kirk Mortensen, Head of Product at True Tickets. “Now, True Tickets gives them an unprecedented level of configurability and control so that they can provide a better experience for their patrons and fans, protect them from fraud and scalping, and ultimately build stronger customer relationships.”

True Tickets' rules-based ticket sharing feature creates a chain of custody for each ticket, making the enforcement of terms and conditions much easier for clients. Purchased tickets can be time-fenced and feature dynamic QR codes to discourage scalping.

For venues, the feature offers not only more data, but also more accurate, consistent, and standard data about who is in possession of tickets to their events at all times and who attends their experiences. For consumers, rules-based ticket sharing ensures that the ticket they possess is valid and will get them into the event.

True Tickets' services are available today to more than 700 arts and cultural institutions using the Tessitura technology platform. The company is also in conversations with potential partners in the performing arts about expanding the reach of the service and its capabilities.

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About True Tickets
True Tickets is a secure contactless digital ticketing service that puts venues and event organizers in control of their tickets and in communication with their true audience. True Tickets' business-to-business solution easily integrates with Tessitura, the unified enterprise system for arts and cultural institutions, empowering performing arts centers, theatres, ballets, orchestras, and more to leverage the power of digital-native tickets to ensure extraordinary live experiences for their guests. With True Tickets, these institutions can set rules and track ticket custody, limit the excesses of the secondary market, and restore direct relationships between their audiences and the live events they love.

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