NAVEE launches the V40 e-scooter to enable a premium commute at an affordable price

Suzhou, China, April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NAVEE, a provider of world-class micro-mobility solutions, has announced the upcoming release of its most affordable e-scooter, the V40. This new e-scooter from NAVEE brings unparalleled value to short distance urban commuters and increases accessibility to safer, greener last-mile travel solutions.

“The NAVEE V40 builds on the NAVEE V-series established reputation of offering premium mobility experiences without the premium price tag,” said Vincent Wu, vice president of global sales. “E-scooters now play an essential role in reducing roadway congestion and pollution, and consumers need safe, reliable, and affordable options that maintain consistent performance ride after ride. The NAVEE V-series delivers on all these fronts.”

Offering a competitive cost to performance ratio with its robust feature set, the V40 is an exceptional entry-level commuter. Designed to help riders safely reach their workplace and back, the V40 focuses on power, portability, comfort and safety.

Big performance, portable design

The NAVEE V40 features a collapsible design for easy transportation and storage. In its collapsed position, the scooter shrinks to just a fraction of its deployed size, enabling it to fit inside storage closets, car trunks, or on public transport. And weighing just 36 lbs, it’s light enough to be carried up the stairs or through crowded areas.

Contrasting its compact and lightweight profile is the scooter’s powerful 525W hub motor embedded in the front wheel, providing both greater power and responsiveness. Featuring a 20 mph top speed and capable of tackling up to a 15% incline, the V40 is suitable for both commuting and leisure travel in urban settings.

Premium quality and comfort

The NAVEE V40 brings premium comfort to an affordable price range. Sporting 10-inch pneumatic tires, the NAVEE V40 smoothly rolls over bumps and short curbs. In addition, its wide deck provides a stable standing platform, while its gripped handlebars put riders in control over their motion.

Safe, reliable, durable

Safety is a tenet of NAVEE’s products and it starts at the brakes. The NAVEE V40’s dual braking system features an E-ABS front brake and a powerful rear-disc brake to help riders safely reach their destinations.

While on the move, the handlebar’s suspended digital display provides real-time data about the scooter’s battery levels, speed settings, and maintenance status so riders can always prepare ahead.

Additionally, NAVEE employed a breakthrough energy recovery system and an optimized tire texture for the V40. These advancements improved the scooter’s range by an additional 15%. The NAVEE V40’s high-capacity battery, which can power the scooter for up to 25 miles on a single charge, also features enhanced safeguards such as BMS, which includes short circuit protection, temperature sensing, overcharge protection and more.

For traveling in low visibility, the NAVEE V40 is equipped with ultra-bright head and taillights to ensure the rider and vehicle remain visible. And even when the weather turns wet or dusty, the NAVEE V40 will stay reliable thanks to its IP55 dust and water ingress rating.

Moreover, through the Smart App, users can check up on their scooter’s health by detecting faults, seeing its charge status, and e-lock their scooters over a Bluetooth connection. Finally, the folding stem hides a secret compartment for electronic trackers to relay its exact position to the rider.


The NAVEE V40 e-scooter will be available at major U.S. online retailers including,, and, starting at the end of May, as well as online and in stores at BestBuy Canada, starting in the middle of June.


Founded in 2020, NAVEE is an innovative brand specializing in the R&D, production, and distribution of e-scooters and e-bikes. NAVEE is committed to providing vehicles featuring the latest innovations & technology to global customers and making micro-mobility more smart, enjoyable, and convenient.


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