Apiiro Introduces Industry’s First Risk Graph Explorer to Empower Security Teams with Complete Flexibility to Understand their Application Attack Surface

Powerful and Simple Capability to Query All Code Components, Their Connections, Business Impact and Risks Across Modern Applications and Software Supply Chains

TEL AVIV, Israel and NEW YORK, April 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apiiro, the Series B startup disrupting legacy approaches to application security, today announced its Risk Graph Explorer to empower application security and development teams to discover, query, and understand their complex application inventory and attack surface with unprecedented visibility – in a matter of seconds.

Modern applications are made up of countless code modules, open source dependencies, APIs, data models, and technologies that are developed across numerous languages, frameworks, and contributors. All of these components are maintained, built, and deployed across multiple repositories, SCMs, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud environments, and are all constantly changing.

With this powerful new addition to Apiiro's Cloud Application Security Platform, customers can easily explore their application environment, the different application components, their interconnections, associated risks, and changes over time, and the process in which they were developed, built, and deployed – without having to embark on manual and resource-intensive investigations.

Now, Apiiro customers will be able to understand the multidimensional relationships across the different application layers, enriched with business context and overlaid with insights to:

  • Better understand their attack surface and changes made over time.
  • Answer regulatory and compliance questions.
  • Investigate risks' root causes, potential exposure, and business impact.
  • Focus application security efforts and inform application security processes.
  • Understand the competencies and behaviors of developers and the code they develop.

The Explorer is built on Apiiro's patented Risk Graph™, a multidimensional risk engine that is the foundation of Apiiro's application inventory, security alert correlation, and risk prioritization. The Apiiro Risk Graph™ provides a query language and framework-agnostic abstraction layer on top of raw code.

Visibility is one of the biggest challenges facing application security and development teams, and the first-of-its-kind Risk Graph Explorer enables limitless visibility into applications that was not possible before. The combination of the Risk Graph’s powerful application and risk context with Explorer's easy-to-use query interface allows customers to answer advanced questions such as “where do I have APIs in Java in a production code that are about to be deployed to a high business impact internet-facing environment and also use an OSS package with a critical exploitable vulnerability?”

“The Risk Graph Explorer represents Apiiro’s vision to solve legacy application security challenges by empowering security practitioners with visibility into every element of their cloud applications and software supply chains,” said Moti Gindi, chief product officer at Apiiro. “With the flexibility to immediately query for any specific questions using the Apiiro platform, this industry-first approach equips customers with the tools and knowledge they need to not only identify and reduce critical risks, but build smarter, more efficient application security programs overall.”

Learn more about Risk Graph Explorer on our blog.

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