Panorays Launches Risk Insights and Response Portal, Turning Panorays into the Industry’s First End-to-End Solution for Third-Party Security Risk Management

The new portal being launched at RSA will give organizations full visibility and control over supply chain risks, speeding up response and mitigation time

NEW YORK, April 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Panorays, the leading provider of third-party security risk management, has launched the Risk Insights and Response Portal, the industry’s first portal that empowers organizations to manage the entire process of identifying and mapping third-party breaches across the company's supply chain. The new portal is being unveiled at this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco and Panorays will be available at booth 5272 for product demos, and briefings with media and analysts.

When a breach occurs, organizations have to manually map the threats across their supply chain which can be a slow, tedious and incomplete process. As a result, the organization is left vulnerable, which impedes the necessary response and mitigation steps. With Panorays’ Risk Insights and Response Portal, security teams are given more visibility of risks in their supply chain, allowing them to quickly map a new breach, vulnerability or threat, across all third parties, and understand the impact on the business.

With Panorays, organizations can identify and prioritize their third parties by inherent risk, and evaluate them with Smart Questionnaires and an External Attack Surface Assessment. Panorays allows organizations to remediate any issues identified in collaboration with third parties, continuously monitor their evolving security posture, and now with the Risk Insights and Response Portal, respond to emerging supply chain threats.

Not responding to a third-party breach in a timely manner leaves organizations exposed to attacks that can result in fines, lawsuits, loss of reputation and customer trust. The Risk Insights and Response Portal addresses this pain point by providing real-time alerts on new breaches, threats, or vulnerabilities affecting both the organization and its supply chain. Panorays facilitates the third-party incident response portal by enabling customers to respond to a breach from the portal itself.

The Risk Insights and Response Portal allows organizations to better comply with DORA regulations in Europe by following all rules for protection, detection, containment and recovery for cyber-related incidents. Serving as an event log that documents all response activities, the portal also allows organizations to comply with SEC regulations by enabling cyber breach reporting within days after an incident.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Risk Insights and Response Portal, the industry’s first third-party incident response portal,” said Matan Or-El, CEO and co-founder of Panorays. “With the power to take control of their supply chain risk management by streamlining the entire process of responding and interacting with third parties, organizations will be able to react to security events in a more organized, timely manner. The release of this new Portal is the final step in making Panorays the only end-to-end solution that lets organizations manage third-party risk from a single platform.”

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