FileTrail Announces Key Product Updates

Latest enhancements to FileTrail records and information governance products offer new file share and iManage connectors, upgrades to speed software implementation

AUSTIN, Texas, April 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FileTrail®, the leader in modern information governance and records management software for law firms and highly regulated industries, announces its most recent product updates include two key platform connectors and new upgrades to improve product implementations.

In March FileTrail released its new file share connector. The update expands functionality to support both on-premises and cloud-hosted clients with enhanced security and performance over its previous versions.

This month FileTrail launched updates for its existing iManage connector. Among the most significant enhancements over its previous iManage connector is that the new version supports both cloud-to-cloud and on-premises-to-cloud configurations. The new version of this connector also features improvements to security and performance.

“We’re excited to have launched these updates for our file share and iManage connectors, both of which help our clients integrate their FileTrail platforms more efficiently into their broader infrastructures,” says FileTrail vice president of product management Chad Foley. Foley joined FileTrail earlier this year when the company added the new leadership role to oversee its suite of records and IG solutions. He serves as the bridge connecting FileTrail clients and market needs with its product development and marketing teams, bringing all these perspectives together to better move its solutions forward. “What’s important to our customers is important to us, so we listen to their feedback. Clients are encouraged to share their ideas, which we find valuable as we continually reevaluate our road map and product strategies.”

Other recent product updates were completed to shorten implementation and upgrade times of FileTrail records management, information governance and matter mobility solutions. The company anticipates moving to a more structured quarterly release cycle going forward to allow its corporate and law firm clients more predictability in changes and updates as they are made available. FileTrail’s product road map includes additional updates, stability enhancements and new features that will be delivered throughout the year based on the newly planned quarterly release cycle.

About FileTrail
Founded in 2000, FileTrail® is the leader in information governance and records management solutions for highly regulated markets throughout North America, the U.K. and Europe. Designed as an integrated enterprise software solution, FileTrail serves large enterprises, internal legal departments and law firms with full life cycle information governance management. As a comprehensive IG suite, FileTrail centralizes, simplifies and automates records and information governance management, enabling organizations to meet urgent client demands, pass audits, conduct a client audit response across multiple repositories, address outside council guidelines and handle new compliance rules with a modern approach.

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