TechSmith Announces Best-selling Author Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky Will Keynote Its Level Up Digital Event on Improving Workplace Communication

The Free May 16th Event Features Actionable Presentations Unlocking the Secrets of Successful, Productive Teams to Make You a Better Workplace Communicator

EAST LANSING, Mich., May 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TechSmith Corporation, the market leader in screen capture software and productivity solutions, today announced that internationally renowned workplace belonging expert and three-time best-selling author Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky will keynote its annual Level Up digital event on May 16, 2023. Level Up: A Quest for Clarity and Connection at Work is a free, interactive, digital event where industry leaders and TechSmith experts will dive into the topics of how communication has changed, what’s effective in the workplace, and how teams can win with more visual communication.

As hybrid work has become the norm, and time spent face-to-face has been replaced with wall-to-wall Zoom meetings and 24/7 Slack messages, workplace connection has withered. According to Gallup, 70% of employees are disengaged from their jobs and 20% are actively disengaged. Additionally, a survey from BetterUp noted that 43% of employees don't feel a strong connection to their coworkers and 22% of employees don’t have even one friend at work. Poswolsky’s actionable presentation titled “Creating Human Connection and Collaboration in a Hybrid Workforce” kicks-off the event by sharing how attendees can attract and retain top talent, reignite human connection, and increase team engagement, by fostering a culture of belonging for employees, customers, and clients.

“Relationship building in the workplace is the next challenge that we must tackle now that the pandemic is behind us,” said Poswolsky. “In the era of hybrid work, forging a human connection with your co-workers is paramount as these bonds provide a sense of camaraderie that sometimes gets lost when you are not physically in the same office together.”

Beyond the keynote, TechSmith’s visual communication and productivity experts along with other comms industry leaders will present actionable advice and share easy-to-implement ways to save time, reduce meetings, and improve productivity in the following sessions:

  • A Workplace Choose Your Own Adventure
    In this interactive session, attendees are invited to leverage their power to choose in the workplace as they encounter common, day-to-day communication dilemmas.
  • 5 Broken Communications & How to Fix Them with Video and Images
    Learn how to replace old, broken communication patterns with new patterns better suited to today’s work environment. You’ll come away with highly practical ideas your team can immediately implement to improve or replace common workplace interactions like: share-outs and demos, email threads, proposals, feedback loops.
  • Context Is Everything: Creating Useful Visuals
    There's more to effective screenshots than just capturing your screen. A plain screenshot often lacks context and clarity and can confuse the recipient. Context is everything and this session will discuss strategies for creating useful visuals, as well as why and when you should be implementing them in your daily communications.
  • How Teams Win With Effective Communication
    As hybrid and remote work becomes more common, effective communication across teams and departments is more vital now, than ever. This session will discuss what effective communication can mean for the success of a team and how, when done right, video and images can foster trust, transparency, consistency, and accountability in an organization.
  • Asynchronous Collaboration: The Value of Thinking Time
    Meetings are a wonderful collaboration tool, but our best ideas don’t always come to us in these30 minutes of allotted time. This session led by Tiffany Taylor, director of EDU success and education at Handshake, will share how async collaboration affords teams more time to think, gives space for more voices to be heard, and fosters an environment of content, community, and care.
  • One Take Videos: Overcoming the Time Myth
    People often shy away from internal communication videos because of the work involved in the creation process—But oftentimes a one-take video will do the trick. We don't write perfect emails or have perfectly formed thoughts in meetings. Videos don't have to be perfect either. This session will share insights into when to create these videos, how to prepare for them, and why imperfection is expected!

“The majority of productivity issues in hybrid workplaces stems from ineffective communication, which gets in the way of completing projects and tasks,” said Wendy Hamilton, CEO at TechSmith. “The goal of our Level Up event this year is to make people more aware of the value of effective communications for creating hybrid work efficiencies, and giving them tangible practices they can apply to their own workplace or personal life.”

Level Up: A Quest for Clarity and Connection at Work will be held on May 16, 2023 from 12:00pm - 4:00pm EDT and is free to attend. For more information and event registration, visit:

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