Valyant AI secures fifth US patent to advance its conversational AI platform at drive-thrus

Covering the use of on-site hardware to enable voice AI order automation in quick-service restaurant drive-thrus, the patent solidifies Valyant as an artificial intelligence industry leader

Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES

DENVER, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Valyant AI, a leading artificial intelligence company focused on customer service in the restaurant industry, today announced the receipt of its fifth patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, U.S. Patent No. 11,594,223. Valyant AI is currently the only company with patents covering AI-based drive-thru order automation. 

Issued in the first quarter of 2023, the patent protects Valyant AI’s proprietary method for positioning a hardware ordering device on a restaurant site, capturing multiple audio streams and leveraging an artificial intelligence engine to conduct automated ordering processes for several different customers to complete orders. The AI-driven solution eases labor shortages with order automation.

“A critical milestone in our strategy to scale up and develop the world’s best conversational AI platform for the QSR industry, this patent allows us to further redefine how customers interact with AI to place their orders at the drive-thru,” said Rob Carpenter, CEO and founder of Valyant AI. “With a significant majority of QSR sales happening at the drive-thru window, restaurant owners need an innovative solution like ours that delivers industry-leading cost savings, increased upsells, reduced wait times and enhanced operational efficiencies.”

One of the world’s first commercial retail deployments of conversational AI for the enterprise, Valyant AI’s platform is used by four leading restaurant brands and integrates into existing point-of-sale, headset and order confirmation boards to streamline the customer experience, improve employee efficiency and help address labor shortages. By boosting average ticket sizes, diminishing customer service wait times and reducing operational costs via the ability to backfill key employee positions and reduce turnover, Valyant AI’s conversational AI platform delivers up to a 20% increase in top-line revenue. 

The platform also features custom voices, further transforming the drive-thru experience by allowing guests to interact with local heroes, celebrities, mascots, voices with accents and other characters when placing orders. More than simply transactional, custom voice experiences create excitement that guests look forward to and keep them returning. This new functionality is expected to help the Valyant platform boost sales, enhance brand loyalty, and raise customer satisfaction at QSRs across the country. 

This most recent patent is related to Valyant AI’s conversational AI technology patents asserted in its patent infringement lawsuit filed 18 months ago against competitors Hi Auto, Presto Automation and Kea and is expected to be diligently enforced. 

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Valyant AI provides restaurants with an upbeat and professional voice-based artificial intelligence (AI) customer service platform that is always ready to assist. One of the first commercial deployments of drive-thru AI, Valyant AI easily integrates into call-ahead phone systems, restaurant drive-thrus, mobile apps and more to support customers at every touch point, anytime and anywhere. With the eventual ability to speak more than 30 languages, Valyant AI can help customers as quickly and enjoyably as possible. Whether helping to address labor shortages or enhancing customer service, Valyant AI delivers an unmatched customer service experience. With Valyant AI, the future of customer service is here. For more information, please visit 



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