Velocity EV Named Exclusive U.S. Distributor of RIZON, a Daimler Truck Brand

The first battery-electric cabover trucks from RIZON – the e16M, e16L, and e18L – were unveiled at the 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Anaheim, California.

Whittier, CA, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RIZON, a new brand of commercial battery-electric trucks engineered by the Daimler Truck Group, has announced three cabover truck models designed for urban delivery applications. The Class 4 e16M & e16L and Class 5 e18L medium-duty RIZON models will be distributed exclusively by Velocity-EV LLC, a subsidiary of Velocity Vehicle Group (Velocity) – one of the Daimler Truck Group’s largest North American dealer partners whose sales and service teams offer several years of commercial eMobility experience. Each RIZON model comes packaged with competitive pricing, telematics access, flexible financing from Daimler Truck Financial Services, a class-leading warranty, and charging support to ensure seamless integration into customers’ fleets. 

“We are truly excited to have this unique opportunity to tap into the global engineering prowess of the Daimler Truck Group and become the exclusive distributor for the RIZON brand in USA,” said Brad Fauvre, president of Velocity Vehicle Group. “RIZON trucks offer a cost-effective, zero-emission solution for the fast-growing medium-duty segment, and fleet operators will benefit from our deep customer-focused relationships, combined with our knowledge of incentives and regulatory compliance. The California Air Resources Board’s Advanced Clean Fleets Rule, for instance, will require fast action among our California-based customers to transition to electrification, and Velocity is in a prime position to deliver economic sustainability with affordable and flexible financing options. We will also be actively appointing dealers across the US to provide a seamless national service network.” 

RIZON, a Daimler Truck Group brand, was introduced for the U.S. market on May 2, 2023, at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in in Anaheim, California, where it exhibited its first battery-electric cabover models. The e18L model was unveiled in Velocity’s booth on the exposition show floor and attendees were able to test run the e16L truck during onsite Ride & Drive events. RIZON’s MY2024 trucks will be available for order starting in Q2 2023 at Velocity Truck Center locations throughout California, with additional markets to be added in 2024.  Velocity also intends to begin appointing dealers for RIZON in areas outside of its existing service territory, with the goal of providing a seamless network across the nation. Demonstration vehicles will be available to test drive at select Velocity Truck Center locations in Q3 2023, with customer deliveries beginning in late 2023.   

“Velocity is as an ideal U.S. distributor partner for the new RIZON trucks given their team’s extensive eMobility experience, market reach, and familiarity with customizing battery-electric vehicles to suit their customers’ operational needs,” said Andreas Deuschle, the Daimler Truck Group’s global head of the RIZON Trucks brand. “The Daimler Truck Group’s battery-electric technology has been road tested for more than five million miles by commercial fleet operators around the world and has received high marks for maneuverability and efficiency.”          

RIZON e16M, e16L, and e18L models were engineered by the Daimler Truck Group with a considerable focus on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. Notable benefits include:  

  • Customizable Vehicle Applications: RIZON’s battery-electric cabover trucks can be customized with several different load body options for local goods movement, urban deliveries, and refrigerated deliveries. The dry van body is anticipated to be the most popular selling application. Depending on the customers’ load profile and maneuverability needs, trucks can be ordered with a 175- or 187-inch wheelbase.  
  • Powerful and Highly Efficient Motor: The electric motor (eMotor) has an output of 129 kW at peak for the e16M, e16L and e18L models to provide a high-torque start, while enabling a quiet, smooth ride for drivers during operation. Integrated inverter technology requires low maintenance due to both its water cooling system and removal of additional high-voltage cables.   
  • Flexible Range: RIZON vehicles feature lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which can be ordered with two battery pack sizes. The medium “M” size 82 kWh battery can run between 75 to 110 miles* on a single charge, and 110 to 160 miles* on the larger “L” 124 kWh battery. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with an integrated shift lever and four-stage regenerative braking, enabling drivers to easily switch between settings for energy conservation to extend the brake life and driving range.   
  • Innovative Drivetrain: The motor-integrated differential e-axle has been designed to provide low maintenance and high efficiency. Its compact drivetrain, which was built without a propeller shaft, offers seamless acceleration (i.e., no shift shock or torque interruption) and nimble driving, with no gear change or clutch operation required. The parking lock can be activated with an electronically operated button switch.   
  • Enhanced Driver Comfort: Multiple features have been added to improve the overall user experience, including a smart key, a 10-inch LCD display, and a second touchscreen display with vehicle information (e.g., battery charging level, navigation, radio/music, and Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music controls). It will also have LED headlights and LED taillights.  
  • Comprehensive Safety: All three models include multiple features that contribute to safe operation, including, Active Brake Assist (ABA), Active Side Assist (ASA), electric parking brake, anti-lock braking system , vehicle stability control, lane departure alerts, reverse view camera system, and acoustic vehicle alerting system. In addition, the vehicle includes an easily accessible emergency cut switch for safety.  
  • ePTO Option: An electric power take-off (ePTO) device controlled by an on/off switch in the cab is available for reefer belt drive and special equipment, including a hydraulic pump. The equipment is mechanically driven by the ePTO motor and hardwire connected without the need for a high voltage cable or CAN cable for easy connection to the back-body build.  
  • Cold Climate Ready: Fleets can deploy RIZON vehicles in regions with cold weather and utilize the battery preconditioning features to warm the battery while the vehicle is charging on AC. In addition, to warm the interior cab cost-effectively, the PTC heater features an output control function with a temperature control dial and a cut switch, as well as a power-saving heating and defrost function.  
  • Class Leading Warranty: Fleets can enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty that includes five years/75,000 miles for the powertrain, chassis and cab, and five years/120,000 miles** for the batteries.    
  • Charging: Rizon trucks are capable of being charged by two types of battery charging systems: level 2 AC charging and DC fast charging (up to 104 kW) compliant with the CCS1 protocol. Installing AC Level 2 charging infrastructure onsite for RIZON trucks is an easy and affordable option for fleets as well as for individual customers. With AC charging (19.2 kW), it would take about 5-6 hours# while with the high-powered DC chargers, it would take about 1-1.5 hours#. Fleets will also have the option to utilize the 40 units of 150 kW chargers installed at Velocity Truck Centers along high-transit corridor stops in Rancho Dominguez, Fontana, Industry, and San Diego.  

To learn more about the e16M, e16L, and e18L truck models visit To schedule a test drive or discuss vehicle incentive and financing opportunities, contact Velocity Truck Center. Visit the website to find your local dealer.  

*Under standard testing conditions with 50% payload. The range may vary based on environment conditions, battery health / charge level, recuperation usage, road traffic / profile, accessories usage, speed of operation and driving style 

#Charging time depends upon charger capacity, max. charging rate, battery health and various other operating conditions 

**as of April 2023 


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