FountainRx Specialty Pharmacy Joins D2's UltraTouch™ Patient Engagement Network

ST. LOUIS, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- D2 Solutions, a leading healthcare consultancy and technology provider, is pleased to announce that FountainRx Specialty Pharmacy has joined the D2 UltraTouch™ network.

UltraTouch™ is a new solution designed by D2 to quickly and easily capture patient information directly at the provider's office through innovative QR code technology. UltraTouch™ significantly improves how the provider, pharmacy and manufacturer collaborate for the benefit of each patient.

D2 is working with a limited number of leading national credentialed independent specialty pharmacies to participate in this network. Each specialty pharmacy operates at the highest standard of care and maintains multiple accreditations. Further, these specialty pharmacies have demonstrated an exceptionally high commitment to increasing patient retention and adherence through digital innovation.

According to David Suchanek, D2’s Executive VP of Biotech, Specialty and Technology, “as a company, we had to find a way to streamline patient enrollment and improve adherence and outcomes as well as the overall patient experience. This is top of mind for every manufacturer client with whom we work. The development of the D2 UltraTouch™ network is a direct response to this expressed need. We are happy to add FountainRx Specialty Pharmacy as our latest UltraTouch™ network member.”

Joseph Huntsman, FountainRx CEO, states “We have worked with D2 since we launched our specialty pharmacy journey in 2016 and are delighted to be partnering with D2 now on this groundbreaking initiative. Our mission has always been to serve patients by providing the most effective and targeted specialty medication solutions available in the most efficient way. We believe that UltraTouch™ is one of the most significant initiatives occurring today and that the positive patient impact will be substantial.”

The ultimate goal of Ultra Touch™ is to successfully bring more patients onto therapy, to do it sooner, and to keep patients on therapy longer – driving better outcomes. Early results from providers who have adopted UltraTouch™ as well as manufacturer feedback is exceptionally strong. One thing that manufacturers greatly appreciate is the fact that they can count on the quality and consistency of service provided by each specialty pharmacy that is part of the UltraTouch™ network.

About D2 

D2 Solutions is an innovative solution provider leveraging SaaS solutions with deep consulting expertise to eliminate key friction points. Our solutions drive healthcare efficiency and attain better patients results while improving workflow for healthcare stakeholders, including Specialty Pharmacies, HUBs, Hospitals/IDNs. Clinics and PBM’s Manufacturers in the areas of Operations, Accreditation, Licensing, and Regulatory Compliance.

D2 Solutions also provides strategic and tactical consulting with outsourced implementation support to pharma and biotech Manufacturers regarding commercialization, reimbursement, and product distribution, empowering them to bring therapies to market faster, accelerating patient access to those therapies through both the UltraTouch Specialty Pharmacy network and a suite of proprietary cloud-based Patient service solutions.
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About FountainRx

FountainRx has grown into a leading independent national specialty pharmacy with an avid focus on improving patient health as well as the overall patient experience. Our core values – which drive everything that we do – are compassion, integrity, service, and excellence. We seek to operate at only the highest level of quality and hold four accreditations (URAC Specialty, URAC Mail, ACHC Specialty, and ACHC PCAB). We offer complex clinical programs tailored to meet the needs of each patient across multiple disease states as well as access to our clinical team. We provide a robust effort to secure patient assistance from a variety of available sources. We also seek to be a highly trusted partner to each manufacturer and payor with whom we work by providing services such as customized data, cost-management strategies, and delivering exceptionally high patient outcomes. We also partner with multiple rare disease manufacturers and serve a large number of patients through BrookWell Infusion, our sister company that launched in 2020 to provide outpatient infusion therapy in a first-class, comfortable clinic setting.

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