Microchip Technology’s Steve Sanghi Shares His Personal and Business Journey in "Up and to the Right"

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz., May 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Renowned semiconductor industry leader, Steve Sanghi, has released his long-awaited book, Up and to the Right: My Personal and Business Journey Building the Microchip Technology Juggernaut. Sanghi led Microchip Technology for over three decades, transforming the company from a failing enterprise to a market leader with a market capitalization of $43 billion.

In this book, Sanghi shares his personal journey from growing up in small towns in Northern India to building a successful career in the United States. The book also provides insights into the transformation of Microchip Technology from a struggling company on the verge of bankruptcy in 1990, to a leading semiconductor supplier to industries such as industrial, automotive, data centers, communications, consumer, aerospace, and defense.

Up and to the Right chronicles the conscious design and implementation of Microchip's Aggregate System, which significantly accelerated the company's rate of improvement. The book also delves into Microchip's strategic planning process and its acquisition strategy, which helped scale the company 10X. Readers will find valuable insights into building a successful enterprise and the necessary steps to achieve success.

"This book is not only about Microchip's success story but also about the importance of building a strong organizational culture and creating a sense of purpose and shared values among employees," said Sanghi. "It is my hope that the lessons learned from Microchip's journey will inspire other business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs."

Up and to the Right is a must-read for anyone interested in the semiconductor industry, business and management, or simply seeking inspiration from an extraordinary leader. The book targets a wide range of audiences, including Microchip's 22,000 employees, businesspeople in the technology industry, students aspiring to be successful businesspeople, and anyone looking to learn from one of the most successful semiconductor stories in the industry.

About the Author

Steve Sanghi led Microchip Technology for over three decades, transforming it from a struggling company on the verge of bankruptcy in 1990 to a market leader in the semiconductor industry with a market capitalization of $43 billion. Sanghi has won numerous awards during his tenure, including the Global Semiconductor Alliance's Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award in December 2022, the Global Semiconductor Alliance’s highest honor. He also co-authored the book Driving Excellence: How The Aggregate System Turned Microchip Technology from a Failing Company to a Market Leader (Wiley; April 2006).

The book is available for purchase on major online retailers and in physical bookstores worldwide or here.

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