NY Restaurants Reap Insurance Dividends Through Sieger & Smith Partnership

Jericho, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, May 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sieger & Smith, a leading insurance provider specializing in workers' compensation for New York's premier restaurants, announces a groundbreaking partnership with the New York State Insurance Fund ("NYSIF"). This strategic alliance has resulted in a remarkable 35% dividend for restaurant owners, a first in the state's insurance industry. The collaboration between Sieger & Smith and NYSIF brings immense value and financial stability to the restaurant industry, especially during these challenging times, by offering unparalleled benefits and peace of mind to its clients.

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Sieger & Smith, Inc., a division of Inter-Insurance Agency Services, Ltd., has built a strong reputation for expertise, reliability, and innovation since its acquisition in 2017. As the Safety Group Manager for Group #495 for NYSIF, Sieger & Smith has become a top-yielding dividend distributor in the state of New York, focusing on exclusive workers compensation insurance for New York's premier restaurants.

By providing comprehensive workers compensation insurance and ensuring regulatory compliance, Sieger & Smith has successfully managed Safety Group #495, comprised of restaurants in the state of New York. The company's careful addition of quality partners and stringent safety checks have contributed to its impressive growth, increasing its annual dividend payments from 20% to 35% since 2017.

Sieger & Smith CEO, Mr. Timothy B. Derham, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating,

"Working with the New York State Insurance Fund has been a fantastic opportunity for both our company and our clients. Our shared dedication to safety and high performance has resulted in a unique offering for New York's restaurants, providing them with unparalleled financial benefits and peace of mind."

The New York State Insurance Fund is thrilled to collaborate with Sieger & Smith, as this partnership allows both organizations to create a safer and more financially stable environment for New York's premier hospitality establishments.

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