New Study From Health Equity Platform Violet and Octave Reveals 145% in Unlocked Inclusive Care Ability And Increased Health Outcomes

Octave Amplifies Existing Diverse Provider Team with Violet’s Standardization of Inclusivity

NEW YORK, NY, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Violet, the first health equity platform, released a new case study today with national behavioral health practice Octave, showing the results of care matching with Violet’s proprietary benchmarking framework for measuring inclusivity in providers. Through Violet’s benchmarking, Octave was able to identify 145% of their preexisting providers able to deliver inclusive care to BIPOC, LGBQ, and TGNC communities, compared solely to provider identities. Using this data, Octave matched diverse clients with providers, seeing an overall improvement in client retention and health outcomes. 

“When using just lived experience as a proxy for a culturally competent provider, we often see an increased burden placed on those providers with culturally diverse identities and backgrounds—and this study points to proper standardization of inclusivity being better for care,” said Kay Nikiforova, Head of Clinical & Research at Violet. “With a clear understanding of inclusivity in providers, the ability to properly match clients shows promising benefits to care outcomes.”
Violet’s proprietary benchmarking technology quantifies a provider’s ability to deliver culturally competent care to BIPOC, LGBQ, and TGNC communities. Historically, clients search for providers by using lived experience or self-attestation as a proxy for a culturally appropriate match. Prior to partnering with Violet, Octave’s care delivery team was already providing care well above industry standard in terms of provider diversity and client retention rates. Because of their high standards of care and commitment to building health equity, Octave partnered with Violet to further amplify their efforts to support culturally diverse clients. 

For this study, Violet benchmarked Octave providers’ inclusivity and tested care matching for clients requesting a diverse provider. Results showed:

  • Increased workforce. 145% more providers unlocked for inclusive care matching with Violet Benchmarks compared to diverse providers.
  • Successful matching. Violet Benchmarks increased ability to match clients, facilitated faster matches, and more first-match success.
  • Even better client retention. Care matching using Violet Benchmarks increased client retention rates by 14% one month after their first session. 
  • Stronger clinical outcomes. Having any Violet Benchmark was associated with higher therapeutic alliance scores and a greater improvement in PHQ-9 scores.

With the newly unlocked provider base, Octave is matching clients to the right providers in a more effective and efficient way. Overall, by viewing cultural competence as a measurable skill, Violet is able to motivate providers to keep growing, make it faster for clients to find intersectional care, and ultimately see actual health improvements. 

“Violet has helped us better understand our clinician competencies, which allows us to strengthen the therapist-client match,” said Golee Abrishami, PhD, VP of Clinical Care at Octave. “This partnership will contribute to better outcomes for clients, who are able to feel safe and supported by the right provider.” 

By 2045, over half of Americans will be diverse with race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more. Yet, health care is failing these Americans. Racial disparities alone have led to 3.5M life years lost in just 2020. Violet’s team—a group of mission-driven queer, BIPOC, and Disabled individuals—believes the solution is at the provider level, thereby improving health outcomes and saving almost $100B in excess care spend.

Octave is a behavioral health practice creating a new standard for care delivery that’s both high-quality and accessible. With in-person and virtual clinics, Octave provides personalized therapy that's grounded in science and focused on results.  Learn more about Octave at

Violet is the first health equity platform, providing a full suite of tools to build inclusive, identity-centered care. Today, the platform is trusted by leading health orgs, including Northwell Health, Brightline, Galileo, Headway, TimelyMD, and NOCD. Violet’s customers are continuing to prove the power of inclusive care with improved patient health outcomes. Learn more about Violet at


New Study From Health Equity Platform Violet and Octave Reveals 145% in Unlocked Inclusive Care Ability And Increased Health Outcomes New Study From Health Equity Platform Violet and Octave Reveals 145% in Unlocked Inclusive Care Ability And Increased Health Outcomes

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