ClickIPO Democratizes the IPO Capital Markets to Retail Investors and Issuers Going Public

Access to the IPO Capital Markets has never been easier for Companies to raise capital and retail investors to get shares in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ClickIPO Securities, LLC, the IPO Marketplace for individual retail investors, announces several major new updates as well as the roll-out of its platform to new issuers seeking to go public. ClickIPO has participated in over 360 public offerings since inception and has grown its retail investor network to millions of investors, globally.

In partnership with online broker dealers and financial advisors, ClickIPO provides democratized access to US IPOs to millions of investors on a global scale. Now, ClickIPO is working directly with Issuers who want to leverage the company’s wide distribution and extensive reach, extending their brand to millions of retail investors. In a simplified turn-key setup, ClickIPO can help companies connect to investors world-wide - essentially, global distribution meets the IPO capital markets at scale.

Underwriter Partners - ClickIPO has established a network of over 50 underwriter partners to help companies facilitate the IPO process.

API Upgrade - through its Websockets/REST API, online brokerage firms and financial advisors can easily connect to our infrastructure in a white-label brand-friendly fashion. Partners get access to a wide range of IPOs, creating new product, revenue and AUM opportunities within their existing interfaces.

Directed Share Program Support - ClickIPO has created the leading platform for new IPO issuers to allocate and direct shares to their employees, partners, clients and affiliates in a seamless fashion.

New Issuer Communications Channel - ClickIPO’s extensive global distribution network will soon be made available to our Issuer clients to extend their brand and broadcast their press releases and product messaging directly to millions of retail investors globally.

Upgraded Issuer Portal - Our Issuer clients gain access to our secure portal which provides visibility and transparency on the IPO process, investor demand and allocations.

Scott Coyle, CEO of ClickIPO, commented, “We’re excited to start partnering with Issuers more closely and provide the access and visibility in the capital markets that has not been available at scale until now. ClickIPO provides large scale distribution of IPOs to multiple countries with access to millions of investors. I’m very proud of the accomplishments our team has made in the past few years and look forward to democratizing access to the IPO Capital Markets to investors and issuers alike, world-wide.”

About ClickIPO Securities
ClickIPO Securities, LLC, offers an API designed to give US and foreign brokerage firms and financial advisors, access to a wide variety of US registered IPOs and Secondary Offerings. ClickIPO has agreements with over 50 underwriters serving the IPO capital markets. Visit to learn more.

ClickIPO Securities, LLC is a broker dealer registered with the SEC, and is a member of FINRA and SIPC. ClickIPO Holdings, LLC is the parent company of Click IPO Securities, LLC, and owns the proprietary technology application known as ClickIPO(™). ClickIPO Holdings has granted Click IPO Securities, LLC an exclusive and perpetual license to use the application and authorization to relicense it for use by other registered broker dealers, including the retail investor’s broker dealer of record. Access to ClickIPO may not be available in some jurisdictions.

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