LiveCanvas Introduces New Feature: WooCommerce Dynamic Templating

Bali, Indonesia, May 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LiveCanvas, the high-performance page builder, has announced the addition of a new feature: WooCommerce Templating.

This new feature brings full-fledged WooCommerce support to LiveCanvas, enabling users to customize  all WooCommerce page templates with power and ease, in order to create totally tailor-made e-commerce experiences that can truly resonate with the target audience.

WooCommerce Templating was a heavily requested feature from LiveCanvas users, and allows to make the process of creating dynamic e-commerce websites straightforward and simple, while keeping the extreme flexibility that LiveCanvas typically offers.

Traditionally, WooCommerce frontend customization is a highly tedious and non-trivial task for webmasters, and requires extensive knowledge of the WooCommerce plugin’s inner mechanisms. Even simple visual changes require PHP knowledge, and a hunt for a non-intuitive code snippet.

Now, people with no coding knowledge can create stunning online stores, taking total control over the appearance of the site, down to every bit of the HTML code if desired, enhancing their customers’ shopping experience.

All WooCommerce templates can be “intercepted” and fully customized with LiveCanvas, allowing complex assignments as well, such as having different templates for different product categories. For example, a “shoes” page can have a different look and design from a “hats” page.

With LiveCanvas, WooCommerce customization becomes a straightforward process. Users can simply activate the WooCommerce dynamic templating feature on a template-by-template basis, and apply built-in, polished, great-looking starter templates for each  case. 

Users can then customize the design as they want, leveraging the visual editing interface, or the built in code editor, manipulating simple HTML.

This is especially appealing to frontend designers who know HTML but have no PHP or WooCommerce-specific knowledge.

Dynamic shop elements such as the product title, description or the image carousel are implemented with simple shortcodes, and are easily customizable as well via an extensive set of parameters.

All main WooCommerce elements are provided, with a Bootstrap-compliant, custom implementation. 

As always the case within LiveCanvas, while editing, a live preview is shown, making the process enjoyable and much less error-prone.

The result is total flexibility and freedom to create beautiful and totally custom-looking e-commerce sites, leveraging WordPress, Bootstrap and WooCommerce at their best.

About LiveCanvas

LiveCanvas offers a complete ecosystem to build high performance websites with WordPress.

While most page builders are just focusing on lowering the bar to satisfy unexperienced webmasters, LiveCanvas is focusing on satifying professionals, and newbies that have a desire to “do things right”, in order to reach top results and build successful web projects.

While most builders have a bad reputation between Web developers, as they tend to produce bloated code and just simplify the work while compromising, LiveCanvas helps to follow a minimalist and bloat-free approach, and encourages experimentation and growing of technical skills.

This is why many high-profile German web agencies have chosen LiveCanvas for their projects.

While using its visual interface to assemble ready made or custom elements, all the generated code can be viewed, retouched and refined in the built-in HTML code  editor. 

LiveCanvas is based on open standards such as HTML 5 and Bootstrap, and does not trap the users with the traditional customer lock-in ordinarily associated with page builders.

It consists in a premium page builder plugin, and an open source companion starter Theme, Picostrap, which aims to be the best Bootstrap 5 starter theme for  WordPress.

Websites created on LiveCanvas and Picostrap have fast loading times, making it an excellent platform for publishing pages that rank great on search engines.

For more information about the LiveCanvas WooCommerce Templating feature, please visit the company’s website at



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