Pyte Launches SecureMatch, First On-Premise Data Collaboration Software Designed For Secure Data-Driven Marketing

Fully Encrypted Solution Enables Data Collaboration with External Partners Without Moving Data from the Client’s Cloud

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pyte, a leading secure data collaboration software company, today announces the launch of SecureMatch, the only data collaboration solution that allows full computation on encrypted customer data without the need for decryption at any point in the data lifecycle. SecureMatch provides all the benefits of a clean room with a more elegant architecture, enabling a seamless zero-trust process and faster time to insight.

SecureMatch is an on-premise data collaboration solution that can determine match rates between two or more datasets without the need to move the data from the client’s server or cloud environments. This new approach to data collaboration resolves traditional issues with data sharing and allows marketers to adhere to industry regulations around privacy compliance.

"Current clean room and mar-tech collaboration infrastructures are not built for data collaboration in a way that always ensures privacy. Our data collaboration software is industry-first and enables our clients to have complete data sovereignty at all times," said Sadegh Riazi, Founder & CEO of Pyte. “Through the use of Pyte’s privacy-first solution, marketers can be confident that the audiences they are reaching are always private and 100% precisely defined."

SecureMatch enables marketers to match datasets with their data partners more securely than ever before without fear of data leakage, decryption, or inaccuracies due to noise added into the encryption process. The solution is powered by Pyte’s proprietary computation technology that preserves the confidentiality of data during all stages, even the computation itself. SecureMatch can be deployed anywhere, whether in a marketers’ cloud environment or on-premise. Marketers can use SecureMatch via the interface they are most comfortable with, through SecureMatch’s web UI, API, or CLI.

Key features of SecureMatch include:

  • Security - Deploy Pyte’s Secure Multiparty Computation (SMPC) based encryption technology, which enables computation between 2+ datasets without ever decrypting the data at any point in its lifecycle.
  • Controlled Collaboration - Set permissions between data owners and partners to better control which datasets can be queried, computed and if any values are shared.
  • Usability - Leverage your data across different partners, cloud environments, and jurisdictions without compromising security or privacy regulations.

A global Fortune 100 consumer goods company uses Pyte’s SecureMatch solution to evaluate potential data partners and understand how much their audiences overlap. Once data partners with large overlap percentages are selected, the consumer goods company enriched their 1st party customer data by adding in dozens more attributes, enabling the company to build granular audience segments.

“For marketing teams, making campaign decisions solely on the siloed data available inside their organizations can result in ineffective campaigns. Equally, trying to collect more customer data through external partnerships is fraught with security and compliance issues — even when using data collaboration platforms, such as clean rooms,” said Riazi. “Those risks and compromises are eliminated with Pyte’s SecureMatch software.”

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About Pyte
Founded in 2020, Pyte (formerly known as CipherMode Labs) is a secure data collaboration solutions provider. The company’s cutting-edge technology allows for computation on encrypted data without decryption at any point in the data lifecycle, enabling enterprises to seamlessly leverage their data across cloud environments, partners, and jurisdictions while remaining privacy compliant and protecting against data breaches. Pyte’s proprietary SMPC cryptographic technology is based on a decade of academic research by Pyte’s co-founders Sadegh Riazi and Ilya Razenshteyn. The team consists of six PhDs, three of which are world-leading experts in secure computation, and three ICPC Gold Medalists. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Pyte has offices across North America and Europe. Visit us at

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