EQUASENS: Q1 2023 revenue: +13.96% to €56.25m

Villers-lès-Nancy, 11 May 2023 - 6:00 p.m. (CET)


Q1 2023 revenue: +13.96% to €56.25m

  • Growth by all Divisions (except FINTECH, still affected by higher interest rates).

  • Continuing deployment and installation of solutions in phase 1 of the SEGUR French Digital Healthcare investment programme: Q1 2023 revenue of €1.43m.

  • 2023 Group outlook:

    • A service and technology offering strengthened by recent acquisitions: ATOOPHARM, PRATILOG and SPEECH2SENSE.
    • Growth targets confirmed.

In €mQ1 2022Q1 2023 *Change
Revenue49.3656.25+ 13.96%

* Unaudited


Operating highlights

While the consolidation scope remains unchanged in relation to Q1 2022, organisational changes were made between Divisions to streamline business activities:

  • after buying out the minority interests, MULTIMEDS and I-MEDS were transferred to the PHARMAGEST Division (Compliance segment) and CAREMEDS joined the AXIGATE LINK Division (Nursing Home segment);
  • ICT which addresses the segment of primary care physicians with its solutions MEDILINK (for health centres and regional health professional communities) and INFILINK (for IDELs) joined the MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Division (formerly MEDICAL SOFT) to complete the business offering of PROKOV EDITIONS (MédiStory software for general practitioners and specialists).
  • The PHARMAGEST Division registered strong sales growth in all its business lines and geographical markets: €42.35m, up 16.25% from Q1 2022. The Division accounts for 75.28% of Equasens Group revenue (compared to 73.80% in 2022).
    • Sales of new configurations increased significantly, driven in particular by a very dynamic e-label market in France and new software solutions in Italy.
    • License sales are also on the rise with the success of new offerings, and in particular for messaging, mobility and backup solutions.

  • The AXIGATE LINK Division had revenue of €7.23m, up 7.10% from Q1 2022. The Division accounts for 12.85% of Equasens Group revenue (compared to 13.67% in 2022).

    • All the Division’s Business Units (nursing homes, hospital-at-home programmes, hospitals, telemedicine) contributed to this performance, bolstered by SEGUR programme functionalities in the nursing home and hospital-at-home segments.
  • The MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Division had revenue of 2.23m, up 24.22% from Q1 2022. The Division accounts for 3.97% of Equasens Group revenue (compared to 3.64% in 2022).
    • This Division henceforth covers software solutions for physicians and health centres provided by PROKOV EDITIONS and ICT respectively.
    • Its growth has in large part benefited from the success of the new version of MédiStory (the first medical practice management software to be approved by the SEGUR programmer in May 2022).

  • The E-CONNECT Division had revenue of 3.98m, up 3.10% from Q1 2022. The Division accounts for 7.08% of Equasens Group revenue (compared to 7.83% in 2022).

    • Reflecting efforts to diversify production sources which began at the end of 2022, its capacity was restored in March in line with market expectations.
  • The FINTECH Division had revenue of €0.46m, down 11.80% from Q1 2022. The Division accounts for 0.82% of Equasens Group revenue (compared to 1.06% in 2022).
    • Revenue remained in line with the trend of 2022 as the financing sector continues to be adversely impacted by high interest rates.

Significant events occurring after 31 March 2023

In early April, Equasens Group announced the completion of three acquisitions:

  • The MEDICAL SOLUTIONS Division was reinforced by the addition of PRATILOG and SPEECH2SENSE which will contribute to growth in market share for software solutions in the medical and nursing segments and expansion into the physiotherapy segment. With these acquisitions, the Group's portfolio of software solutions now includes proven applications and an innovative medical speech recognition technology that will enhance its product offering and add value to its business applications.
  • ATOOPHARM, the specialist in e-learning solutions for retail pharmacies, joined the PHARMAGEST Division. The Group has in this way completed its global offering to accompany healthcare professionals in the transformation of their activities, as an integrated provider of software and applications, connected equipment, financing and training.

2023 outlook

Boosted by its latest acquisitions, the Group intends to maintain its trajectory of organic growth in line with this performance in Q1 and confirms its full-year targets for 2023.

Financial calendar

  • 29/06/2023: Annual Ordinary General Meeting.
    • Equasens Group will propose at the Annual General Meeting the payment of a dividend of € 1.15 per share for fiscal 2022.
  • The General Meeting will be held at the registered office in Villers-lès-Nancy. Shareholders are invited to regularly consult the section devoted to the General Meeting on its website www.equasens.com – Section Investisseurs / Assemblée Générale for information about the procedures for participation.
  • 03/08/2023: H1 2023 revenue (after the close of trading).
  • 29/09/2023: H1 2023 results (after the close of trading).

  • 02/10/2023: H1 2023 results presentation (by video conference).

About Group Equasens

Founded more than 35 years ago, Equasens Group, which now has more than 1,200 employees in Europe, is the leading publisher of software solutions for the healthcare industry in terms of the diversity of its business applications and market share.

Equasens Group’s specialised business applications facilitate the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals and their teams, working in private practice, collaborative medical structures or healthcare establishments. The Group also provides comprehensive support to healthcare professionals in the transformation of their profession by developing electronic equipment, digital solutions and healthcare robotics, as well as financing and training adapted to their specific needs.

And reflecting the spirit of its tagline " technology for a more human experience", the Group is a leading provider of interoperability solutions that improve coordination between healthcare professionals, their communications and data exchange resulting in better patient care and a more efficient healthcare system.

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