Mexico City, Mexico, May 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thor Urbana, a leading real estate firm in Mexico, announced it has expanded in the industrial sector with over two million square feet of gross leasable area and over 80 acres of land reserve in the Bajio region, primarily along the states Queretaro and Guanajuato, increasing the overall reach of its portfolio in the country. 

The 11 industrial properties and land reserve are in strategic locations. With this expansion, Thor Urbana aims to acquire and develop high-quality industrial properties that cater to a diverse range of industries, such as logistics and manufacturing. The company's team will work closely with clients to identify the best properties and provide customized solutions to meet their specific requirements. 

“This latest expansion for Thor Urbana demonstrates our strong performance in the industrial sector in Mexico. We are looking forward to seeing the diverse range of industries that will make the massive space their home in the future,” said Chairman of Thor Equities Group, Joe Sitt. 

The intention of consolidating a portfolio of assets in different sectors is to diversify investments and capitalize on the opportunities that the company has detected in this growing sector, which, according to data from Solili, recorded a growth in demand for space of 50 percent in 2022, making it one of the most competitive pillars for the country's economy. The company’s intention is to leverage its expertise and bring its signature approach to this market which aligns with the overall strategy that has characterized the company, investing in high-growth and premium located areas to optimize market demands. 

Nearshoring and the need to strengthen local and international supply chains has changed the rules of the game, so offering flexibility, proximity, key locations, and a high-quality operation will allow Thor Urbana to grow its business networks. Specifically, the Bajio region has been key for nearshoring driven by American, Canadian, European, and Asian companies that manufacture in Mexico, according to a report by JLL.

Overall, Thor Urbana's strategic approach and signature disruptive style ensure that it will continue to diversify its portfolio and capitalize on growth opportunities in the industry. Further cementing the company as one of Mexico's leading real estate firms.   

Based in Mexico City, Thor Urbana is a leading company in real estate investment and development. The company develops more than two million square meters in key and high-growth markets throughout the country, such as: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Playa del Carmen, Mérida, Metepec and Los Cabos, among others.


About Thor Urbana

Thor Urbana is a leading real estate company in Mexico. Through a vertically integrated platform, it specializes in the search, acquisition, development, operation, repositioning, marketing, and disposition of multiple institutional-quality real estate projects, including shopping centers, luxury hotels, residential communities, corporate offices, and industrial buildings located in the main cities and tourist destinations in the country.

We currently have more than two million square meters developed in different strategic points of the country and abroad, such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, Playa del Carmen, Cancún, Mérida, Metepec, Los Cabos, Tulum, San Luis Potosí, Tijuana, Riviera Nayarit, Belize, among others.

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