Serpply Ltd Announces New Book Power Lever Method From Its SEO Speaker, Stewart Vickers About SEO for Coaches

London, United Kingdom, May 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Serpply Ltd is excited to announce that its chief SEO speaker Stewart Vickers has published his new book Power Lever Method, a book written for coaches who want to attract their dream clients. The book is an excellent guide for consultants and coaches that want to transform their marketing strategies. Vickers shows readers different strategies they can use to attract new clients that don’t rely on the traditional outbound methods of marketing.

Historically, coaches and consultants have heavily relied on speaking at conferences, negotiating referral partnerships, or posting on social media to gain new clients. Though these marketing strategies can be useful for the start, it’s difficult to get the best results if a coach is just starting out and doesn’t have a big name or strong reputation. Vickers’ book takes readers on a journey to learn about the Power Lever Method that can get clients to come to them. The book teaches SEO for coaches and it explores the 6 fundamental steps to huge evergreen profits that help consultants and coaches get their dream clients who are already searching for them.

More About the Power Lever Method Book

Consultants and coaches will learn about what their dream clients are actually searching for so that they can tailor their branding in SEO to attract them more easily. This will help them write perfect web pages that rank on the first page of Google with the right keywords that their dream clients are using. The book also shows readers how to get the best recommendations from the most powerful websites so that Google boosts its websites higher.

On top of this, consultants and coaches will receive valuable information about how to get featured in major news publications that will ultimately help them build their brands and attract thousands of new visitors to their websites who could eventually turn into customers. The strategies in this book are designed to position coaches in the best way to receive high-quality leads without solely relying on traditional outbound media strategies.

It is an excellent tool for coaches who want to attract the right clients and build their personal brands while getting the highest rankings on Google. This book is great for learning about SEO for coaches and SEO speaker. Coaches and consultants who want to make a real change so that clients can come to them will greatly benefit from the strategies detailed in this book.

Who is Stewart Vickers?

Stewart Vickers is an SEO speaker and coach who has extensive experience in online content. He started as an online content writer for a men’s accessories brand and later worked for an online magazine startup. Later on in his career, he started his own websites and learned how to craft headlines and write articles that went viral. One of his posts received about 10,000 views in 48 hours and this experience helped him learn more about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO).

He shifted his focus to writing content that was relevant to the kinds of people he wanted to attract. This helped him build a profitable website that he sold a few years later. He now helps hundreds of his clients improve their marketing approach to attract the right kind of people they need. His expertise and insights took him years to learn and now he can make it easier for coaches and consultants to learn the most important principles to attract their dream clients. If you’d like to learn more about Stewart Vickers’ new book, visit this website.



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