LiquidText Announces Integration With ChatGPT and OpenAI Tools

NEW YORK, May 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LiquidText, the award-winning reading, note-taking, and document analysis platform, announces the integration with ChatGPT and OpenAI tools that will allow users to ask questions and get answers about their project documents, and automatically create reference citations.

The ChatGPT integration allows users to ask questions about any or all project documents and LiquidText uses ChatGPT to analyze the documents and provide an answer. The second feature allows users to type any sentence into their notes, then LiquidText uses OpenAI semantic analysis tools to suggest a citation, and then links to the parts of the documents users were likely taking notes on.

“By bringing these features to LiquidText, we hope to harness the large language model technology to help users work smarter every day,” says Craig Tashman, PhD, Founder and CEO of LiquidText. “These new features have potential to help people who read and analyze large document sets make connections they might not have found through their own analysis.”

LiquidText’s ChatGPT integration contains many innovations which enable ChatGPT to overcome its inherent document size and scope limitations. LiquidText has added a feature to disable AI tools if there is a concern for data privacy. Data is always treated as confidential and protected by the company’s privacy practices and policy.

These new features are available to LiquidText Subscribers on a pay-as-you-go credit basis, following OpenAI’s fee structure, so users only pay for the AI resources they use.

“LiquidText’s AI tools and the services that power them, like ChatGPT, are still new,” says Tashman. “Although there is the possibility of unexpected results, we have done our due diligence to provide secure, auditable, useful results. These technologies are so compelling, it is imperative our users have access to explore their relevance to live project analysis. LiquidText will continue to enhance these tools as the technology evolves.”

This version is being released as a beta edition for LiquidText iPad subscribers only. The Windows version will be added when the beta is complete.

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With more than five million downloads and named by Apple as a “Most Innovative iPad App of the Year,” LiquidText is a revolutionary active reading, note-taking and document analysis platform for iPad Windows and Mac users. It is the first productivity app to win the coveted Editor’s Choice from both the Apple and Microsoft app stores. LiquidText allows users to capture their reading, notes, highlights, annotations, and observations just like they would on paper and enables connection between document contents and notes and within and among multiple documents and notes. From these connections users get visual hyperlinks that call out the connections at a touch or click. LiquidText helps users see these relationships along with relevant source context. Collaborators and reviewers see not only results, but the network of interrelated sources, observations and notes which support the author’s conclusions with transparency and clarity. LiquidText offers a unified workspace with integrated workflows and an intuitive interface. For more information, visit

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