evNation announces strategic partnership with QuantmRE to provide debt-free financing for EV charging & solar installations

COSTA MESA, Calif., May 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- California-based evNation has formed a strategic partnership with fast-growing real estate fintech company QuantmRE to provide debt-free financing options for homeowners who wish to maximize their savings and switch to a fully electric life with evNation’s EV charger and solar installation services.

Traditionally, funding the purchase of a solar installation has meant the homeowner has to qualify for and enter a long lease agreement with monthly payments, or take on a second mortgage or other loan. By partnering with QuantmRE, evNation is now able to offer an alternative, debt-free financing solution – the Home Equity Agreement. A Home Equity Agreement provides the homeowner with a lump sum in exchange for a share of the future value of the property. With no monthly payments and no added debt, the homeowner can use these funds to add evNation’s innovative solar car chargers to their garages and solar panels with battery storage to their homes, virtually eliminating their monthly electricity bills and the reliability problems of the electrical grid.

“QuantmRE’s Home Equity Agreements are a much-needed alternative financing option than can be an ideal solution for many of our customers. We look forward to joining forces on a shared vision to bring evNation’s range of EV charging and solar installations to a wider range of homeowners without the cost and burden of them having to take out another loan, and with all the cost-savings that QuantmRE’s debt-free financing solution brings,” said evNation’s Neil Okun.

About evNation
evNation is a leading installer of EV Chargers, Solar Panels and Solar Batteries. With their turn-key EV charging and solar energy systems it’s easier than ever for consumers to lower their monthly energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. evNation’s goal is a new world of electric vehicles powered by the sun. For a complimentary consultation please visit evnation.us.

About QuantmRE
QuantmRE’s Home Equity Agreements enable qualifying homeowners to receive a cash lump sum in exchange for a portion of future value of their home without taking on any additional debt (that means no loans, no interest and no monthly payments). In addition to originating Home Equity Agreements, QuantmRE has developed a Marketplace where investors can gain access to invest in Home Equity Agreements. QuantmRE has recently launched a crowdfunding investment campaign on the Republic platform.


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