Key2 and TCG World Ignite Global Entertainment Landscape with Groundbreaking Partnership

LEWES, Del., May 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a ground-shattering alliance set to redefine the boundaries of entertainment and reality, Key2 is joining forces with digital entertainment titan, TCG World. This monumental partnership promises to revolutionize both the real and virtual worlds, fusing the paramount in real-world experiences with immersive virtual reality entertainment.

Renowned for its ingenious technologies that connect users through virtual spaces and live events, TCG World, since its establishment in 2021, has been transforming the digital entertainment landscape. Their commitment to innovation now extends to a thrilling partnership with Key2, aiming to unlock a new universe of digital entertainment that transcends the conventional.

Key2, an emerging force in the realm of entertainment, hospitality, and travel membership, represents the future of customer loyalty and VIP concierge services. Furnished with the most cutting-edge technology, Key2 offers an unparalleled membership experience that extends the luxury of access to major global cities and now, the virtual realm of TCG World.

Key2 Physical CardKey2 grants members an insider's pass to private events and unique experiences in the world's most coveted destinations. With the Key2 membership, individuals gain VIP travel concierge services, tailor-made for their unique preferences, with the added benefit of earning tangible rewards. Coupled with the breakthrough partnership with TCG World, Key2 members are now poised to transcend the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world.

Equipped with a sleek, luxury physical card linked to the Key2 mobile app wallet, members can safely and securely manage tokens, digital memberships, and partner offerings. Powered by the Solana blockchain, the Key2 app promises seamless, instant access to all the privileges of the Key2 membership.

Key2 Flow"This is a defining moment in the world of entertainment. Our customers want something different, exclusive, and special," said Derek Bonner, CEO of Key2. "Our partnership with TCG World enables us to give our customers the best immersive virtual experiences.”

For TCG World, the Key2 partnership opens up a robust distribution network and a broader demographic of real-world event-goers, fostering a stronger likelihood of mass adoption into the metaverse.

"Having worked with Derek and the team from Key2 over the last year to help bring their vision into reality the next step was to bring that vision into the metaverse. The vision behind phygital experiences in the real world and now inside the Metaverse opens TCG World and Key2 to offer extraordinary experiences to everyone around the globe. If you cannot make an event in the real world the metaverse is here to ensure you can in the digital world. Entertainment and education will be at the forefront of TCG World for years to come" from CEO David Evans of TCG World

Together, Key2 and TCG World are ushering in a new era of entertainment, redefining the lines between reality and the virtual world. This alliance is set to deliver unprecedented experiences to audiences globally. Key2 will be doing a limited presale this summer and will be officially launching during Formula 1 in Las Vegas while simultaneously going live in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

To join the revolution and explore the new universe of entertainment, visit and Brace yourselves for an entertainment revolution, unlike anything ever experienced before.

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