Andrew Weber and Richard Varos Join Parsons Strategic Advisory Boards

CENTREVILLE, Va., May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parsons Corporation (NYSE: PSN) announced today the additions of Andrew Weber to the company’s Federal Solutions Strategic Advisory Board and Richard Varos to the Critical Infrastructure Strategic Advisory Board. Weber brings 30 years of United States government service, including five years as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs. Varos is a former managing partner at Kyndryl, the 2021 spinoff of IBM’s infrastructure services business, following a 30-year career at IBM.

During Weber’s government service, he was a driving force behind Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction efforts to remove weapons-grade uranium from Kazakhstan and Georgia and nuclear-capable MiG-29 aircraft from Moldova, to reduce biological weapons threats, and to destroy Libyan and Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles. In addition, he coordinated U.S. leadership of the international Ebola response for the Department of State.

“Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense and security experts at Parsons are leading the charge for a healthy and safe world by leveraging innovation and deploying our capabilities to tackle known and emerging health, environmental, and security threats and vulnerabilities,” said Jon Moretta, president, Engineered Systems for Parsons. “We look forward to working with Andrew and leveraging his extensive experience in countering these issues and strengthening global security.”

At Kyndryl and IBM, Varos led hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics technology, systems infrastructure solutions, and global managed services delivery initiatives. During Varos’ career, he led teams of industry and technology specialists at the forefront of transformational government initiatives, including a focus on smart city initiatives across transportation, public safety, and water management.

“Infrastructure is the medium we use to interact with the world around us, and our teams are dedicated to leveraging smart, innovative solutions to upgrade the infrastructure we engage with every single day,” said Peter Torrellas, president, Connected Communities for Parsons. “Richard brings extensive experience that will help us continue to deliver smarter, safer, and more resilient solutions to our customers around the world.”

Parsons’ Federal Solutions Strategic Advisory Board is responsible for guiding the company’s strategic direction in key federal market growth areas of cyber and intelligence, space and missile defense, engineered systems, and critical infrastructure protection. The company’s Critical Infrastructure Strategic Advisory Board is key to helping set and refine strategic direction that optimizes the dependability, functionality, and longevity of critical infrastructure, including airports, rail and transit, bridges and highways, and smart cities.

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