Ash Delrahim Explains How BLISS Car Wash is Embracing Environmental Stewardship

LOS ANGELES, May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BLISS Car Wash recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and water conservation in California. As dedicated water warriors, BLISS leads the car wash industry by implementing eco-friendly practices such as minimizing water usage and promoting biodegradable cleaning products.

BLISS Car Wash aims to set an example for others in Southern California through cutting-edge technology and a steadfast commitment to protecting our precious water resources. As Ash Delrahim, Vice President of Operations at BLISS Car Wash, expressed in a recent panel discussion about sustainability and the industry’s future at The Car Wash Show in Las Vegas, the industry must recognize the significance of being environmentally focused while implementing water conservation in operations.

“As our founder Vahid David Delrahim, expressed in an article on World Water Day, we must play an active role in conserving this invaluable resource as responsible citizens and business owners,” said Ash Delrahim. “BLISS takes a unique approach to reduce our environmental footprint by challenging the industry norm of building large 150-foot plus express wash tunnels. Instead, we embrace an innovative strategy to achieve a clean, shiny, dry, and protected car in a smaller building. Our approach effectively limits the use of construction resources, water, equipment, and energy, thereby benefiting the environment in multiple ways.”

By opting for a compact design, BLISS minimizes the construction materials required for our express washes. This reduces the demand for raw resources and decreases the associated carbon emissions from manufacturing and transportation. The reduced size of the car wash facility translates to decreased water consumption. Moreover, the compact design necessitates less equipment and energy for operation, reducing resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ash Delrahim explains four significant ways BLISS has changed the standard for sustainable car wash practices to help preserve the environment.

Innovative Technology for Minimal Water Usage
To fulfill our commitment to water conservation, BLISS Car Wash employs cutting-edge technology that constantly monitors and regulates fresh water usage. Through careful management, we have achieved an impressive benchmark of approximately 24 gallons of fresh water used to wash each car, significantly lower than traditional car wash methods. By utilizing water-saving techniques such as high-pressure nozzles and efficient rinse cycles, we are able to provide exceptional service while minimizing our water footprint.

Reclaimed Water: A Sustainable Solution
In addition to reducing fresh water usage, BLISS Car Wash uses reclaimed water, making it a central component of our commitment to sustainability. Approximately 70 percent of the water used in our car washes is recycled, effectively repurposing water that would otherwise go to waste. Through comprehensive filtration systems and careful treatment processes, we ensure that the reclaimed water meets stringent quality standards, maintaining our dedication to delivering excellent results while preserving our water resources.

Biodegradable Cleaning Products: Protecting Water Quality
Beyond water conservation, BLISS places great emphasis on using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our commitment to protecting water quality is evident in our use of biodegradable cleaning agents, which minimize harmful runoff into waterways. By choosing these earthy-friendly products, we prioritize the health of our local ecosystems, ensuring that our business activities align with our principles of sustainability.

Low-Energy Machinery: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
At BLISS, we recognize the interconnectedness of environmental issues and actively work to minimize our carbon footprint. We employ low-energy-consuming machinery in our express car washes throughout Southern California. By utilizing energy-efficient equipment, we reduce our overall energy consumption and contribute to the broader goal of mitigating climate change. To exemplify our unwavering dedication to comprehensive environmental stewardship, we use energy-efficient machinery, even if it entails higher costs for the equipment.

“At BLISS, we take pride in being an environmentally-focused car wash and a team of water warriors. We understand the importance of water conservation and actively strive to lead the car wash industry in implementing eco-friendly practices by utilizing innovative technology to reduce water usage, maximizing the use of reclaimed water, employing biodegradable cleaning products, and reducing our carbon footprint. Our dedication to environmental sustainability reminds us that, as responsible businesses and citizens, we must prioritize preserving our precious water resources to secure a brighter future for California and the planet as a whole,” concluded Delrahim.

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