“Challenger Brand Marketing®” Named Amazon Bestseller

Marketing Guide from Gumas Advertising Hits Top of Amazon’s Bestseller List for New Advertising Books

SAN FRANCISCO, May 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gumas Advertising (www.gumas.com), the champion of the challenger brand, today announced that its new marketing handbook, “Challenger Brand Marketing®,” has been named the number one new release among Amazon’s Advertising books. The Amazon bestseller is co-authored by John Gumas and Craig Alexander, founder and president, respectively, of Gumas Advertising. It provides insights and practical advice to companies of all sizes and industries struggling to compete against better-resourced competitors.

“Challenger Brand Marketing” is the sequel to John Gumas’ book, “Marketing Smart,” and is designed as a practical handbook to show companies how to take on the “gorilla” brands and win market share. “Challenger Brand Marketing” invites readers to adopt a different marketing mindset and promote their brand by applying more ingenuity to compensate for fewer resources.

“We are delighted that ‘Challenger Brand Marketing’ is the number one seller in Amazon’s Advertising category,” said Gumas. “Competing in today’s digital environment is more difficult than ever, and marketers must do more with less. You not only need a compelling brand story, but you need to cut through the noise to be noticed. We structured ‘Challenger Brand Marketing’ as a hands-on handbook with practical advice to show readers how to win against bigger brands.”

“Challenger Brand Marketing” outlines the simple strategies and tactics to build brand awareness and win in any industry. The book includes sections on:

  • Defining your Challenger Brand
  • Understanding the needs of your target customer
  • Developing a winning website
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • Direct mail marketing strategies
  • Brand development and content marketing
  • Advice to expand brand and market reach

“More brands see themselves as challengers as businesses seek new ways to build brand awareness and customer loyalty,” said Alexander. “With ‘Challenger Brand Marketing,’ we have tapped the zeitgeist of today’s digital marketing landscape. Marketers are looking for fresh ideas and approaches, and through ‘Challenger Brand Marketing,’ we offer block-and-tackle advice to help them achieve their goals.”

To order a copy of “Challenger Brand Marketing,” visit https://gumas.com/challenger-brand-marketing-book/.

About Gumas

Established in 1984, Gumas is a nationally recognized and award-winning full-service marketing agency specializing in developing integrated branding, advertising, and interactive marketing campaigns. The firm specializes in Challenger Brand Marketing® strategies that help clients identify what makes their value unique and capitalize on those differentiators to compete and win against better-resourced competitors effectively.

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